Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey guys!
(I just put a nice long letter in the mail today, so i'll try not to re-tell anything!)
Well...its been a crazy week! We had one family who's baptism fell through. They got antied. So that was hard to let them go but this mission is really working on sifting. Finding those who are ready to be baptized and moving on if they are not ready yet to fully accept the gospel. So that was sad because they know everything and they understand it, they just aren't ready to live it.
We did have a baptism on the 30th and that went really well. (I'm pretty sure I wrote about that in my letter though!)
Well, for Halloween we had to be IN our apartment at 6:00pm so that we wouldn't get into any trouble! We went to Chipolte at 5:30 and got a burrito (I dont know if they have a Chipoltle in Eugene but if they do you should go! It is really good and only $6.00 for a nice big burrito). After that we went back to the apartment and just hung out. We ate a bunch of candy and just chilled! It didn't really feel like Halloween at all!
I'm glad Sam had a Happy Birthday! (I did wish you a happy birthday Sam, but I sent the letter on Halloween so its gonna be late. Sorry...I didn't forget though! ;) How old are you now? lol 22? 23? 13? 41? I can't remember! lol
Thanks for the advice on no riding through muddy fields! lol I'll do my best not to!
Well I'm about to be logged off!
Love you all tons!
Love Ben :)


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  2. FYI: They DO have a Chipotle in Eugene (recently opened) and I agree with Elder Cryer...it's good.

    On Coburg, near the Oakway Center.

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  4. Keep posting these letters, Cathy. I love them! ♥