Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey hey hey!
First off, no I did not forget to e-mail you yesterday! lol This week is transfer week and so our P-day was moved to Tuesday so that if anyone is getting transfered they can pack up and get ready.
Second, I'm one of those people who need to pack up and get ready to go! I guess that I'm headed to La Junta. My new companions name is Elder Downs....sounds nice enough I guess! I'll find out tommorrow if its really true! Yeah so it sounds like I'll be in a house instead of an apartment and there will be four elders staying there all together (Me being included in that four!) Should be an adventure! Its like starting my mission all over again...I have no clue who my companion is or where I'm going or who the members are or anything! lol
Well sam, before I forget....Yes I am very proud of you :) WOW 55 MPH! Thats amazing! Way to go!!!! Lets see, I've only been gone like two monthes or something and your going 55, so by the time I get back you should be zippin around at about...300 MPH? Thats about right, right?! lol No, good job though, thats great!
Well I have to go pack now so that I'm ready to go in the morning! I'll try super hard to write a letter but please forgive me if I don't have time....It may be a short letter!
Love you all tons!


p.s. (You can keep addressing letters to the same address you have been! they'll forward them to wherever I am! Love You!!!)

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