Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey! Hows everyone back home?! :)
Everything is awesome here in Colorado! (Um....about the video, technically I dont think I'm supposed to watch them unless they're approved by the if you can get them approved that would be awesome! ;) but otherwise pictures are the best!)
Sounds like you had a good anniversary...thats great! Whats the new favorite restaurant?
Painting my room?!?!?!?!?! I can't imagine what color could possibly be better than my bright happy yellow! lol thats all good! What has my room turned into? Anything yet?
Good job dad and emma on your home cooked meal! (There wasn't any gravy involved right? lol)
Thats nice to hear that people haven't completely forgotten about me! Tell them all I am doing great, loving my mission, and am grateful for all their prayers in my behalf! All those people you mentioned have been such great examples to me over the years.
Actually yeah....some waterproofing stuff for my shoes would be great.....well at least I think it would. Its actually been really really nice weather for the past week or so but I keep hearing that the cold is on its way. :/ So I'm not completely sure, but it could come in handy!
So this week, on the 13th of November, we have two baptisms! (I know...its kind of a risky day to schedule anything...but just pray really hard! haha) No, they are super excited for it! They've been coming to church and everything. Really cool.
Well, this mission thing is definately really hard work! It's constantly go go go! But it's so rewarding and its like you always have just enough strength to do everything you need to get done. The Lord really does make you equal to whatever calling or task your called to! I've never seen it so much until here on my mission.
Its so crazy....I mean, I remember sitting in sacrament meeting back home thinking: "I wonder what ward I'll be sitting in on my mission? I wonder where I'll be? I wonder who I'll talk to?" And now that I'm here it feels so familiar! Its like I've always been here in Pueblo, like I've known these people all my life. Its the weirdest feeling!
I've also completely lost all sense of time! It feels like just yesterday we were all in Salt Lake together or just yesterday I got dropped off at the MTC. But really it's been about two monthes already! Days can sometimes feel long but weeks fly by! I am beginning to realize that you can't even begin to touch enough lives in two years. It really is short! lol I've got to buckle down, get as much work as I can done, and make the most of all the time I have!
I have also realized that I wish I had spent more time with you guys too! lol (I know you tried to tell me mom! Sorry I had such a hard head!....I must get it from my knuckle head fuzzy brother! lol) I really do love you guys....hope you know that! Thanks for all you prayers and letters and the pictures! Love em!
Well I'm about to get signed out!
Have a great week!
Love ya
Love Ben...(aka - boy, budgy, ben-bo-becky-boy, whoever I am!) ;)

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