Thursday, November 12, 2009


Dear Fam,
So I forgot to tell you some things in my letter and my e-mail! It's still P-day so I figured I'd just write another letter.
So I told you how me and Elder Oakes went to the Goodwill and bought brown suit coats right? Well we wore them to District Meeting last Friday and our District Leader (Whose comp is Elder McCord from the MTC) loved them! He was jealous! So today he called and said, "We're going to Goodwill, want to come?"
So we all went and looked at all sorts of old junk! Elder Hannah (District Leader) and Elder Oakes both found ties they liked, although I thought they were hideous, but, Oh well! So then we decided to go to Ross and look for ties and coats. I found some ties I liked but they were all too expensive for a poor missionary to buy. But Elder Oakes and I both found matching coats! I've been looking for a coat that will hold up in the rain and is lighter than my black dress coat that I brought. Well, I found one at Ross that sould work. It has a hood too, which I really wanted! I'll have to send pics. They're pretty cool looking. Speaking of cool looking...President said that we can have light colored ties that are conservative in pattern and stuff! He said he's fine with light colors. Yay!
Well, I don't think I'm forgetting anything so I guess it's farewell until next p-day.
Love you!
Love Ben

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