Monday, December 21, 2009


Dear Fam,
Wow,for some reason I feel like I'm behind in my letter writing but I don't think I've missed a week or anything, have I?
I told you about my Thanksgiving right? I'm pretty sure I did. But if not then let me know and I'll tell you all about it either in my next letter or when I call in eleven days. I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas day. That will be the highlight of my day!
To answer your question mom...yeah, all four of us are going to be together for Christmas. Transfers are on the 30th of December I think. I'm pretty sure I'm staying here in LaJunta with Elder Downs though. We'll see how "in tune" I am!
It sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving too! I'm glad. But I am a little concerned. Did you all have enough pie and cider?! (just kidding!) I got those pics you e-mailed too...thank you.
So shopping on Thanksgiving huh? What happened to my family? lol Sounds like you got some good deals though. That's awesome! I actually splurged a little on the fashion side of things a few days ago. I got some white rimmed sun glasses! I've always wanted white ones and these were a great price and they're approved! Yay!
That's pretty funny about that one girl thinking that you (mom) were dad's daughter! Um...I'm speechless dad. I don't know what to tell you. lol
So you have Elders in the ward now? That's cool. Have you had them over for dinner yet? What are they like? That is really cool and really true, what that one Elder from California said about the gospel being the only message that matters. I was actually talking about that in my letter to President Pfile this morning. It really is true.
Also, thankyou for sharing those things about angels. I still haven't had a chance to read about angels in the Bible Dictionary but I thik I'll do that tomorrow for my personal study. It's true though that some people don't have the gospel because they don't know where to find it...That's why we have to go find them and hand them what they've been looking for and give them the chance to accept.
Oh, thanks for that sheet music! I got it the day after I asked you in my letter if you had sent it. Sorry for my lack of patience! I got it though and gave it to the girl who is going to play it for us and she said that she'll have it ready. Now it's up to me to remember how the guitar and vocal went!
Thanks for the pizza recipe too. I thik we're going to make it sometime around Christmas.
I got all those cd's you sent too! Wow, awesome! Thanks! I just got done listening to the David Archuletta cd. It's really good!
Those scriptures in Mosiah 8 are really cool. I've been so amazed since I've been out at how well the scriptures relate to this work...missionary work. It struck me that that is one of the core messages of the Book of Mormon. Missionary work. These are the latter days. We have to be spreading the gospel. We have the Bible which is one witness. We have the Book of Mormon which is another witness and we are the third. We have to testify to people.
That's really cool that you were able to take Lynette, Maddy and Trevor to the creche exhibit. I bet they enjoyed that.
As you were talking about the Raymond testimonies and the atonement I thought of a quote that I thought you might enjoy. This is from President Boyd K. Packer. He said, "There is no habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression, no apostasy, no crime exempted from the promise of complete forgiveness. That is the promise of the Atonement of Christ." I thought that was so beautiful. The atonement is so amazing!
So Sam, did you love hanging Christmas lights? Yeah, it's always freezing when we hang them! I bet they look nice though.
So how is Jackson doing? I miss that crazy dog! He is such a loveable fella. And I guess I should ask how that darned...I mean, how Snuggles is doing! lol
So your already to finals huh Sam? Well, good luck! Judging by your past success I'm going to guess that you'll do great!
Thanks mom for that article "Fathers and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship". That was one of my favorite talks this past conference. I took a ton of notes on it and so it was great to get to read over it again.
Well, I'm glad to hear that your doing better dad. I'm glad it didn't last too long!
So your still trying to perfect the soft boiled egg? Wow, I never knew it was such an art! Best of luck to you lot!
That is so great about the Stakes baptisms doubling! We are just over the one ward here in LaJunta and we just got a new bishop, but he's really missionary minded which is great. We also just got a ward mission leader...the first this ward has ever had! So once we all figure stuff out it should work really well.
Oh, and your welcome dad for your letter. I'm sorry it was a little late. I'm going to do my best to remember to send you all birthday cards but please forgive me if they're late...or worse, if I forget!
Thanks also Sam for the "Morning Toast" Sorry that I don't really have time to respond to the games and stuff in them but I enjoy reading them! I actually came up with a few snigglets but I must have forgot to send them in.
Well, Elder Downs and I had to drop the guy we met in the ally becasue he's never home when his ride goes to pick him up for church. We've been really specific about when he'd be getting picked up but he still is never there. It's really sad but maybe he just needs a little time and space. He has our number.
So we are trying really hard to find, find, find! We know they're out there and this is a great season to share the gospel in! People are more open and receptive.
Well, I'll let you go now I guess! Thanks again for all your prayers for me and Elder Downs and the people we'll talk with.
Love you!
Love Ben

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