Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hey guys! :)
It was great to hear all your voices too! That was definately the best present of the day! However I did end up opening all the other presents you sent! I LOVE them! Thankyou so much. Those ties are AWESOME! On the mission each missionary has what they call an "elite fleet"....which is made up of ties that are incredible and awesome in awesomeness. Those ties were all added to my "elite fleet"! That yellow tie is so cool....and the pink......and the blue! Also I love the scarf! I almost bought one a few weeks ago but then realized I had no money so I didn't! Now Im really glad I didn't because the scarf you got me Sam is WAY cooler! :) And I was in desperate need of that photo album Emma! Thank you so much. Oh...and the juggling balls are great! I've already had another Elder ask if I wanted to sell them! lol I told them no! :)
So I had quite a few people send me gifts and stuff. It was so nice of them! But now I have to get busy writing thank you notes before I forget to do it! It should be fun trying to find the time. I'll have to spread it out over a few days.
Well I'm sorry to hear your still not up to 100% Dad. I hope you shake it soon. Thats cool that you got to read Greg Hansens book. Thats really cool that he wrote and published a book about his trip. I bet he did a great job. I'll have to read it when I get back!
So Mom got you all a coldstone gift card huh...mmmm that sounds good! You'll have to tell me how that new christmas carol movie is.
Speaking of the christmas carol I wanted to tell you guys...you know how we always read a christmas book on christmas eve....well that lady I was telling you about, Sister Happy, (She bought our Cristmas tree) she had us come over and we read a book called "Christmas Oranges". I just wanted you to know, especially you Mom, that I got my christmas read in this year as well! :)
So today is transfer day! I just looked at the transfer schedule and guess what! I was right!!! I'm staying in La Junta and my new companion is Elder Conley! (Who I've been living with for the past month and a half!) I'm so excited! This should be another great transfer! I was hoping I would get to kill off Elder Downs but he's going to Fountain for his last two weeks. Anyways....I'm looking forward to this transfer.
Well, I have a little extra time today and I remember what you told me about writing my testimony out. I'll try to put it in words as best I can.
First I tetify that this gospel is true. It is the same gospel that Jesus taught while he walked the earth. There is nothing more simple and more true. It is amazing to me how quickly the gospel can cure a damaged life. It can and does work miracles. I also have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That book contains a power like no other. Here on the mission we are taught that the Book of Mormon can resolve ANY concern and I have come to know that that is true. It really can solve any problem...for us or for someone else. I also loved how in Elder Hollands talk this last general conference he talked about how the book of mormon has been through so much and has been attacked for years and years but still stands today as another witness of Jesus Christ. No false book could do that. Only a book set apart by God could withstand the constant attacks of the advarsary. I testify that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. That he truely did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that the same priesthood authority which is neccessary to perform saving ordinances was given to him and has been passed down through the years till today. I Know and testify that Thomas S. Monson is the man called of God to lead and guide the world today. His council is given to all who will listen to his words. I also testify that temple work plays a huge part in the eternal scheme of our Heavenly Fathers plan for each of us. It blesses both the doer and the reciever and helps both progress towards perfection. I love this work and I love the Lord so much. I am so blessed to have the knowledge I do have and I am even more blessed to be given the opportunity to go and share it with those who know not where to find it.
Well....I love you all more than you know. :)
I'll try and write a little something this week...other than this e-mail...but I told you most everything on the phone so it will probably be a shorter one!
Have a great week...Love ya
Love Ben

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