Sunday, December 13, 2009

Remember 2/40

Dear Fams,
How are you all doing? What's the weather like there in Eugene? It's snowing here. It's been snowing for the past two or three days. Not too heavy though...we only have a couple of inches.
Today for p-day we've mostly been hanging around here at the apartment because both mine and Elder Conleys companions are sick. We did, however, do something wild and crazy. There's a place about 10 miles from our apartment called Ryans Pond. A few days ago Elder Conley and I went by it and it was completely frozen over! We tried walking on it and it would hold us for a minute but if we got more than a few feet out it would start to make cracking noises. So we decided we would go back when it was colder and try again. Today was that day. It was 16 degrees and snowing so we headed off to Ryans Pond. When we got there it was completely frozen over and had a little snow on it. We took a few steps out on the ice and it held with no cracking! We took a few more...still good! After walking all over and checking for weak spots and finding none we began sliding on the ice and trying as hard as we could to iceskate without skates! It was really fun. Then we all got back into the car and drove over to Little Ceasars and got four hot and ready pizzas! They were tasty...and warm!
YesterdayElder Downs and Baker were still both sick so Elder Conley and I pretended to be companions again for our dinner appointment. Dinner consisted of elk meat, that he had shot a few days before, gravy, potatoes and carrots. The elk meat was great! Then after dinner Brother________ said, "I shot me a cow the other day. I'll get you two a coat and you can help me butcher it!" So we agreed, of course, and went out. So now I've helped butcher a cow! (Sam, you may not want to read this next little bit, since you just started eating burgers again!)
Anyway, the cow had already been gutted so we were just helping him cut the meat of the bones and the fat off the meat. After we did that for a while he showed us his grinder. So, at that point he took some of the worst parts or pieces of meat and cut them into fist-sized chunks and made hamburger meat out of them We got about 50 pounds of hamburger in about 10 minutes. Then it was about time to go home so we cleaned up, ate some brownies and then went home.
Well Emma, I enjoyed your letter about Youth Conference! Lots of detail! Wow, that was awesome...Sounds like you had a great time! I remember I loved Youth Conferences! Good times. Your host family sounds fun. Right up your ally! Country house, horses, sheep, pigs...that has YOU written all over it. And I can see why Sam would be jealous about that breakfast! It sounds tasty! That's really funny too how that one couple met and decided to get married! I'll have to be careful before I tell people they have to get married!
So have you and Sam and Natalie filmed your Halloween movie yet? It sounds pretty impressive!
Man Emma, you always have a ton of questons! O.K...So what's my companion like? Well, actually, he reminds me alot of Carson! I know what your thinking, "Man, they must never get anything done!" But that's not true! Really all four of us in the apartment are more friends than just companions. It's like we all grew up together! You know, in our last Zone Conference President Pfile said, "Everything is sped up on a mission. Everything happens faster. You learn faster on a mission, you can repent faster on a mission...." And ya know what? It's true. I've seen all that happen. And I've also seen how relationships, with each other and members and investigators, are built so quickly on a mission. Way quicker than when I was back home. So that's really cool.
Another thing President Pfile always shows us is "2/40"
He says, "Elders, when you see this I want you to remember that two years of experience on a mission is equal to forty years of experience without a mission. You will do and learn on your mission what it takes someone who doesn't serve forty years to do and learn."
Wow! I thought that was amazing! Forty years of experience packed into two short years.
Well, I hope dad is feeling better by the time this letter arrives. I'll be praying for him. (And also, just so you know, I'm sending 'feel better' vibes with this letter!)
So Sam, you've started school I know but are you on break for the holidays now or no? Do you even get breaks with on-line school? How are school and work going for you? I bet your kept pretty busy! So have you started any new promising stories lately? Speaking of promising stories...have you finished Charlie Pool? O.K....enough questions already! lol I'll stop. I'll stop.
Well, my brain has run out of things to tell you about and so I guess I'll wrap up.
Again, hope your all doing great...because I sure am! I hope dad gets better soon so that you're all able to be nice and healthy for the holidays!
I love you all lots and lots!
Love Ben
P.S. I mentioned in my last e-mail that we went down to Raton New Mexico the other day but I forgot to tell you the coolest part. I DROVE! Here on the mission you have to have a designated driver and that is usually Elder Conley so he's always the one driving but since he wasn't going, and since Elder Downs doesn't have a liscense right now, that made me the driver! It felt so good to drive. That was my first time driving in almost three whole months! Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you! Love ya!

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