Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey Everyone....
Well...I have to say that its been a pretty uneventful week. My companion, Elder Downs, is just getting rid of his sore throat and everything else that was wrong with him!...and so we are just starting to get back out and getting to work. I've been able to do a lot of reading and studying and also organizing the apartment!
We have been getting SO much food from members! We are set pretty much for the rest of the month and even some of next. Its very nice because we are all running very low on money! lol Even lower than usual! So its nice that we dont have to worry about food.
We also had a member give us a Christmas tree and some Christmas balls to hang on it! She also got us a tiny little battery powered train to put by the tree! lol She said: "Every boy needs a train to put by their tree!" It was really nice of her.
Well....I should be sending home my picture card with my next letter to you. I think that there is close to 300 pictures! lol
Well...I can't remember really what you asked me in your last letter so I'll answer all those questions when I get back to the apartment and write you!
I did get the cd's you sent though! Thanks so much for the David Archuletta cd (Did I spell his last name right?! lol) I really like it!
Hey dad...have you heard the new Kris Allen CD? I heard some of it the other day and from what I heard it sounded really good! He's got kind of a John Mayer/Jack Johnson sound.
Well Dad I hope your feeling better now! If not...hurry up! :)
Everything is great here...Its no longer snowing. In fact its pretty warm outside today and almost all the snow is melted. The other night though I guess it got down to -14 degrees. Yes thats right....NEGATIVE 14 degrees! I'm glad I was in bed at that time!
Well...again I hope all is well back home! Love you all!

Love Ben

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