Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey Guys,
So, I bought a card and a card reader, that's all taken care of. As you have probably noticed I sent the full xd card in this letter...which letter was sent in the padded envelope! I'll buy a padded envelope everytime I'm sending home a picture card!
Wow, Aaron Farrier is back already?! Didn't I just sell him my car last month?! Man, those two years flew by. Speaking of flying by...this transfer I will hit both my five month mark and six month mark! Six months will be March 16th!
So I didn't know that the Brasher's moved! How long ago was that? I guess it makes sense though. I mean since I left there really wasn't any other reason for them to stay around! lol O.K. So that was a joke! Well, I guess that's good cause now they'll be closer to family.
Well what news do I have for you? Elder Torres and I get to serve a full transfer together! It's kind of funny because since the beginning of my mission I have heard horror stories about Elder Torres. Not that he's a bad missionary but just that he is super blunt with people and stuff and really hard to be friends with. But the past few weeks we've been serving together we've been getting along great. Then last night we were talking and he said, "You know what Elder Cryer. You're my favorite companion I've had so far on my mission."
He only has six months left so he's had a lot of companions.
I said, "Really?"
I asked him why and he said it was because I was...or am...real with him. I don't try to fake who I am. I thought that was cool and it made me feel good. I think Elder Torres is awesome....I was really excited when I found out that we were serving together this transfer. And I'm excited that I don't have to pack again for at least another six weeks.
So, last Saturday (Feb 6th) Elder Torres and I biked/tracted 30 miles! The houses in Calhan are a ways apart so we have to ride our bikes to make good use of our time. But I think I'm getting used to the altitude because I really wasn't tired at all by the time we got back. And I haven't gotten sore from the ride and it's been three days. I hope my last area is a bike area because then when I come home I'll be able to bike forever without a problem because I'll be going from 8,000 feet to 350 feet! I'll have so much air!
Anyway, we got done biking and still no one was interested. We were thinking, "Man, there must be a really good miracle on it's way." And it was. The next day...Sunday the 7th...this lady who we'd only seen twice before but hadn't had a chance to talk to comes up to us and says, "Are you the Elders?"
We said, "Yes, what can we do for you?"
Now, here's the miracle. She says, "Well, I want to be baptized but I don't know how to go about it."
Elder Torres and I were thrilled! We explained how she'd already been to church twice so now all she needed was for us to teach her and then she'd be good to go. We've taught her the first two lessons so far (The Restoration and The Plan of Salvation) and she is amazing! She just soaks it all up. We found out that she smoked and we said, "You know you'll have to give up smoking right?"
She said, "Oh yeah, I know. I've already started to quit."
We are both just so amazed at how sincere she is about getting baptized. She is getting baptized this Saturday (February 13). Pretty awesome miracle huh?!
It's been snowing all day and we have about three or four inches on the ground. Pretty fun stuff.'s not so fun when your a missionary....but, Oh well!
So Sam, that's awesome about those 2nd graders at school! I bet it never crosses their tiny brains that their teachers have homework! That's really funny. You finished Charlie Pool! (Draft one) That's awesome! Yeah, I'd love to read it but when I looked over my approved reading list I didn't see Charlie Pool. Can you believe that?! Maybe you'll have the finished, published product when I get back.
That is hillarious about waking up at 10:30PM for seminary Emma! You may want to set 3 or 4 alarms just so you can be sure it's really time to go to seminary! Man, that story made me laugh! And then the other story about sleeping through your alarm! Oh, Emma, you crack me up!
This evening the Barks picked Elder Torres and I up and took us out to La Mission for dinner because it's Elder Torres birthday today. It was a super fun evening. We ate dinner there and then they took us back to their house and we ate cake and icecream and played a few rounds of ERS with Kynzee. Their son, played guetar and we all sang along. The Barks are my favorite family here in Calhan. They Rock!
So, tomorrow the Calhan youth are having a talent show. It should be fun to go see if there really is any talent! Because usually talent shows consist more of the lack of talent! Although, sometimes the lack of talent is more entertaining than talent itself!
Well, I better let you go before my pen runs out of ink! Hope all is well back home! Love you all a bunch.
Love Ben

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  1. Just because we've moved, doesn't mean we'll ever forget!

    I assure haven't seen the last of us even if you wanted to.