Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey Guys!
So this email is really late I know....we tried to go email earlier but we have to get the keys to the geneology center at the church from the bishop and I guess he was out of town today and so I am emailing from the Barks...have I told you about them? I think I have.....anyways they're awesome and we got approval to email from
their house today.
So that hike looks super fun. (Spencers Butte) Man its so pretty and green. I miss the green and the trees! Its so brown here in Colorado. Actually its really white at the moment. Its been snowing alot here. It starts to all melt off but then it just snows again. So we haven't ever got more than about three inches but its always here!
Its been pretty cold lately. Down to about 5 degrees and then with the wind chill it gets down to like -10 or so. So did I tell you about the family of five that me and Elder Torres found in Falcon? They seem pretty solid. We are going to go over again
soon to teach them again.
We are also teaching a little girl named "E" in Calhan. She is nine and is super excited to be baptized. The rest of her family are members. We were teaching her the other day and we asked her what the tree was that Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat and one of her sisters raised her hand and said "OH..I know I know". We asked her
what it was and she said "Brocolli!" We also asked "E" who the prophet is....another one of her sisters said "Oh thats easy....its Obama." It was funny. Both girls who gave those answers are pretty young just so you know! :)
So the other night I got to shake hands with Elder L. Tom Perry! He came to the mission and spoke to us all. Elder Hallstrom(from the seventy) and Elder Funk (From the seventy) also came and spoke to us. It was a super good meeting. I'll have to send you some of the notes I took in my letter.
Well most of todays P-day was taken up by going and getting a HUGE desk that a member didn't want and we moved it to our apartment because I didn't have a desk. It took about 4 hours to move! Yeah it was big! :) But now I have a desk!
Well....I gotta go now. Love you!
Thanks for all the prayers...I apprerciate it!
I'm doing great!
Love you all....
Love Ben

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