Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hey guys!
First I just have to say that I love emailing from the new gmail email! Its way nicer! Anyways....that doesn't really mean much to you I guess!
So to answer your question dad....yes we do have a Wal-mart here (well its in Falcon but we cover that too and that's where we go to get our food and other necessaries) so I'll go ahead and pick up a card and card reader here. I'll just use my debit card to pick those up.
Yeah I'll send my card home....probably today actually! And yes I'll send it in a padded envelope....(dont want to lose another one!)
As for the the caramel popcorn and tie...I haven't gotten it yet but that could just be because they like to hold off on sending mail when it gets close to transfers (which was today....I'm staying in Calhan with Elder Torres) so I'll hopefully get it soon. If not I will track down the missionary who stole it and clobber them! Thanks so much for it! (even though I haven't gotten it yet!) lol I can't wait to get it now! You guys ROCK! :)
So I am really short on time today. I'll write more today and send that card!
Sorry this emails so short.....we have a teaching appointment though and so I have to run.
Love you all....hope your having a great day! (Because I am!!!)

Love Ben

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