Wednesday, June 9, 2010


June 7,2010
Hey guys!
So first of all....WOW SAM!!! (yes, the videos worked great...I was able to play them) Hula hoopin around your neck! I am impressed. I never knew that two years of college could get you so far in life! You are a flippin hula hoopin pro! :) That was pretty impressive how you did it around your neck. With such grace too!
Well I'm glad that you got my box o.k. I'm glad that the charger works for you as well! I wasn't sure when I sent it home if I should or not. I almost just left it up in the closet for someone else and then I just thought...oh what the can't hurt to send it home! So I'm glad that it wasn't a waste!
So Carol was able to give you the hat too! Oh good. She said that she wasn't sure if she could take that because she didn't want to squish it. I'm glad that she got it to you. See you remember telling me that you wanted a cowboy hat from my mission? You didn't actually think I'd do it remember? Well now you can wear proof that your brother goes to all lengths to make his sisters happy! (That goes for you too Sam but I don't remember you telling me anything you wanted!) I bet you fit right in at the Roadhouse Grill with your hat Emma! You'll have to send me a picture of you with your hat on! You even have a brush to brush it with! :) Hope you enjoy it.
Well I aint yet done gotten my's package (Oh whoops....I forgot that you might not be able to understand the native tongue of Kansas!) I haven't received my package yet. I am going over to the Eglys house tonight to pick it up. I'm excited! I hope that those pictures that you put on the card do work! And I'm excited for my gold toe socks! (Only a missionary would be so excited to get socks!)
Well thanks so much for fasting for us and for our investigators. Sadly none of them were able to be baptized yesterday due to lots of different reasons and complications but please continue to pray for them because we are trying to help them overcome these obstacles and challenges. I believe that they will still be baptized. We are re-extending dates to a lot of them. Some for the 13th of June and others for the 20th. Thanks again for your fasting though because although they were not baptized we have seen some great progress with them (Especially yesterday.)
So you watched 'Suits on the loose'? I remember watching that once! I dont remember much of it but I remember it was funny! I dont remember the beer scene but now I have one of my own! It was a funny experience! And far as I am aware we are real missionaries. We are the real deal! :)
Man, sounds like you did quite the deep clean on LC! What type of air freshener scent did you get? (Not that it matters!) She must be looking mighty fine! Its so sad to think that my girl is going out with another guy! I didn't even get a dear John letter from her! lol
So Jordan graduated seminary! Thanks for telling him congrats for me! Thats awesome. I did get a letter from him a few months ago so maybe he wrote another one. I dont know! We'll just have to wait and see.
Well good luck with your walking dad! You'll reach your goal in no time! Keep up the good work! :)
So you got the HTC droid incredible! I think that I saw that phone (or a version of it) when I was in La Junta. A member was showing it to us because they had just got it and were super excited! They said theirs was just the new 'Droid' phone....not the Droid incredible. But it's a good phone huh? You and your seems like you always have a new one! I'm jealous! Our mission just got new phones but there still pieces of junk! :) We're not even supposed to have them because they have cameras on them but we got permission from Salt Lake because our other phones were dropping all of our calls. We were told that we CANNOT use the cameras on the phones at all or else we'll probably lose the phones. But we have the nicest phones of all the missionaries church-wide! Its funny because sometimes the camera will turn on accidentally while its in our pockets because of the button on the side and so sometimes while we're walking we hear the camera start taking pictures inside our pockets! Its funny!
Well....I gotta run. Love you all. Thanks for everything you do. I will get that package you sent tonight! YAY!!!
Take care, have a great week,
Love ya,
Love Ben
P.S. Just so you know, this letter that I'll send tommorow probably wont be 8 pages long! :)

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