Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're still in Kansas Toto!

Well how are you all doing?!?!?
I am great! So since transfers was coming up our whole district has been making transfer predictions. I was the only one who said that me and Elder Alonso were going to serve together again here in Ulysses and Hugoton. Elder Alonso was sure that he was getting transfered but I said "Elder Alonso...just live with it. You just need to accept the fact that we're serving together again." He was just like: "No...I'm getting transfered. No question." Well guess what..........are you ready for this? Guess where I'm serving? I'm in Ulysses and Hugoton AGAIN!!! and I'm staying with Elder Alonso. I knew that was going to be the transfer call! I knew it! I am so excited that I get to stay again. I love this area so much! Well....its more like I love the people! I want to settle in here for a while. We'll see if that's what I'm supposed to do or if the Lord will need me somewhere else. But there you have it. I'm still here!
Well I tried playing those videos that you put on my XD card on my camera but it wouldn't play them. So I tried them on the computer here at the library and they worked! I was so glad! I loved the magic show put on by Emma and Natalie! Very well done! The music fit perfectly too! And wow Emma.....that takes talent to jump through a rolling hula hoop! I'm impressed. Although it looked like you missed a couple of times! :) Still impressive though.
So I'm glad to hear that your still the tiddly winks champion dad. I could be mistaken but I do believe that I may have seen some cheating going on by Emma in one of the videos. I was under the impression that only the tiddly winks were supposed to move. It looked to me like the base was moving as well due to the fact that Emma was holding it and attempting to catch the flying tiddly winks! :)
So you still haven't taken the table out of the shop this year huh? would have been out about 2 months ago if you were here! Last Thursday it got up to 108 degrees! The wind was actually hot! We were riding our bikes and sweating like dogs! (Actually to be a little more accurate we were sweating like two missionaries riding their bikes in 108 degree weather!) It was crazy hot! It was super nice yesterday. The sun was out but the breeze was nice and cool. It reminded me of Oregon sunshine!

So'll have to tell me how you felt you did on your test. I always hated those tests but I'm sure you did great.
So whats this about you going to dances Emma? You don't actually like those things do you? I hear that you are a dancing fool! Is this true? :) Have you made any new friends since I left? I've made a ton of friends since I left! :)

It was funny that you were taling about how "this too shall pass" in your email dad. Every transfer I feel that more and more! This transfer went by SO FAST! Its kind of scary that six weeks can go by so fast. I really do only have a short time to be a full time servant/messenger for the Lord. I dont have any time to waste. I wish I could start over knowing what I know now. I feel like I've wasted too much time learning how to be a good missionary! I guess all I can do is work as hard as I can for the remaining time and continue to learn and become better. times up so I'll let you all go. Love you all.
I hope that you have a great week. I'll talk to you later this week in the form of a letter and then I'll email next monday or tuesday.
Take Care,
Love you
Love Ben.

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