Thursday, June 3, 2010


June 1,2010
HI guys!....and girls....
How are you all doing? I'm glad that my card made it safely home! I don't want to lose another one! So the sounds not good on the computer either? Hmmm....that is the only downfall to this camera. I love it except for it's mic. Well I will try to remember to speak up. :)
About the mexican food....I am actually starting to acquire a liking for it. Oh my goodness....guess what I ate last night. We ate at a Mexican families home (members) and they made me a hamburger with avocado and mayonnaise and UN melted cheap cheese slices! And here's the crazy part.......I....Ate......It! Can you believe that? It actually wasn't that bad. But wasn't that good either! But yeah I'm starting to eat stuff with tortillas and stuff!
So your memorial day was rainy huh? I'm not really that surprised! Our memorial day was about 90 degrees until the evening and then we had a lightning and thunderstorm move in. No rain though. We get lightning about once a week out here. Its crazy! I love it though. So how was your rainy Memorial day? Did you have fun? I'm sure you did! :) Did you end up doing your game night? they had a pre trekers ball?! Wow...they go all out! So you didn't square dance dad? No cotton-eye-joe for you huh? I bet Emma had a ball! (no pun intended!) Am I right Emma? I will be praying that you survive this trek dad? Good luck.
That's neat that you got to hear from Landon and Mark. Tell them hi for me as well! How do they feel about being home? What are their plans? Let me know when the wedding announcements come out!
Was the girl who talked to you at YSA conf Sister Burton? Jesselyn (sp?) Burton? I did get a letter from her but I don't remember her mentioning a mission to Phoenix AZ. Maybe its a different girl. But if it is Sister Burton then the reason I haven't written her back is because the envelope got lost in transfers and so I cant reply because I lost her address! If you see her again (and it is Sister Burton) please tell her that I'm sorry I haven't replied but I don't have her address. I will write back to her if I have her address!
So most people here have a big stone in their front yard with their name carved into it and the other day while me and Elder Alonso were tracting we saw a stone with the name "Underhill" on it. Isn't that the name that Frodo gives the bartender in that bar in the first Lord of the Rings movie? I wanted to go knock on the door and see if any hobbits lived there but we didn't have time to get to that door. It was funny though. Not really a very common name ya know!
So I never got the story about finding a hula hoop on the beach. Those were some funny pictures! How are the Hula hoop skills doing in the Cryer family? The pictures made it look like there's a little room for improvement! :) That picture of Jackson cracked me up too! I miss my fuzzy brother! :) And he got to join you all in the beach house! Man, what a spoiled dog! I still remember our last beach house trip before my mission...Thats a fun way to spend time at the coast! It looks like you all had fun. It looked a little chilly though. Did it warm up while you were there? It has been so hot here lately. Me and Elder Alonso keep our eyes open for sprinklers while we're tracting and we run through them every chance we get! The other day we decided to have a little fun with it. We ran through a sprinkler and just got drenched (knowing we'd be dry in five or ten minutes) and then we knocked on our next door. A lady came to the door and said "Oh my you two are drenched!" We just smiled and said "Yeah...its really hot out here.....not much you can do but sweat." She about died! "Oh my goodness do you need some water?!?!?!" Then we decided to tell her the truth! We said "oh no....we're fine. Actually we just ran through that sprinkler" and then we pointed over to the sprinkler. She just laughed and said..."You two scared me!" and then we went on with our missionary talk. It was really funny.
Well I'm glad that you're all doing good. I have to go but I'll look forward to your letters and I'll get my letter off soon. Love you! Have a good one.
Love Ben

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