Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Family,
I have good news...I still don't know about Ulysses but the church in Hugoton is true. The Primary kids sang for all the fathers on Fathers Day. When I found out that they were singing I asked if they had sung for Mothers Day. They said they had. I don't know if Ulysses sang for the fathers or not but I know they didn't sing for Mothers Day. The other reason I know that the church in Hugoton is true is because they gave me a Mr. Goodbar candy! KING SIZE!! I'm not even a father yet.
Last Sunday we had a guy at church. I guess he had talked with Elder Mellville (the last missionary...before me) bedfore so we talked to him a little and got to know him. We invited him to church and he said he'd be there and he was.
The lady I was telling you about didn't end up coming to church. She called us on Sunday morning and told us that when she had told her husband that she was coming to church he flipped and wouldn't let her come. She told us that she still wanted to meet with us. She is going to talk some more with her husband. Hopefully he'll understand and let her come to church and still meet with us. We're hoping and praying that she'll still be baptized on the 4th of July. I have a good feeling that she'll get baptized.
Well Sam, thanks for your letter! I got it and the Morning Toast yesterday when we got back from Hugoton. I loved your description of the crowded picture viewing experience! Man, I wish that I was that popular with the people her in Ulysses and Hugoton. I wish they would all crowd around me and lesten to what I have to say! I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics!
You asked how Elder Alonso and I are doing. We're doing good. He is a great missionary. We don't have any problem communicating anymore. It took me a while to tune out his accent to be able to understand him but now I understand him great. Some of the people we teach sometimes struggle a little though. We taught an older lady the other day and Elder Alonso began to share the First Vision...
Elder A: "I saw...a pillar."
Lady: "Wait dear, he saw what?"
Elder A: "A pillar."
Lady: "I'm sorry, I'm not catching that word."
Then I came in....
Me: "A pillar."
Lady: "Oh, he saw a pillar?"
Elder A: "Yes, I saw a peelar...ove light." (That was how he said it."
Lady: "A pillar of light."
Elder A: "Exactly over my head."
Lady: "Sorry. He saw a pillar of light what?"
That was how the whole thing went for a little while until we realized that the spirit was not here while we were doing it this way. So I said, "We're going to do something different this time. We're going to share Josephs experience with you but don't worry about understanding the words O.K. Just pay attention to how you feel."
So then we said it again and it went much better.
He hates how some people can't understand him but he does have a pretty strong accent. It's getting better though.
So I was glad to hear that you accepted my testimony bearing challenge. It does get easier doesn't it. I was really nervous when I fist came out. I didn't like getting up and bearing my testimony but now it doesn't bother me. I'm glad it's helping you too.
Well, my Spanish comprehension is improving a little bit. I can follow spanish lessons better now. I'm still not teaching yet but after we leave I start telling Elder Alonso what I think their responses were to coming to church, being baptized, reading the Book of Mormon, etc. I am usually right. Then he fills me in on the details. I have started reading the Book of Mormon in spanish out loud to Elder Alonso. He says I pronounce the words very well. He says I don't have much of an american accent. I think it's because I hear it spoken so much.
This evening we were out seeing people and while we were riding to one of our appointments we looked up at the sky and it looked super crazy. It was kind of creepy. As we watched the sky it started to swirl! There were a bunch of circles in the sky. There was no tornado horn blowing though and so we went to our next appointment. They are a less active family. When we got there he came out and we all were watching the sky. It was really strange looking. At this point there was no wind at all and the clouds were still. Then this huge mass of clouds started swirling and churning. It was crazy. I've never seen anything like it before. Over just a few minutes it had formed a huge wall of churning clouds. It was one of those things where when you look at it you feel so small and helpless! Then the wind came out of nowhere. It just started blowing. Then the lightning came. There was a strike that came down not too far from where we were and D (the dad)said, "Wow, O.K. everyone inside."
He got his kids out of the yard and told us that we'd better come in too. About 30 seconds after we all got in it started pouring! The streets were full of water within about 5 minutes! So we just sat inside with the family and ate cake and talked and played with the kids until the rain let up. We were able to make it back into our apartment right on time.
Well, that's about all the news for taday. I guess I'd better seal this up and get it sent off.
Have a great week!
Love you all,
Love Ben

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