Saturday, September 11, 2010


9-6-2010 letter
Dear Family,
Well, not a ton happened this week. It was a good week though. We got a bunch of referrals which look pretty solid. We haven't had a chance to get a hold of them yet because they're out of town but we'll get them soon!
We also started teaching a part member family (the husband isn't a member) and he wants to get baptized! He should be getting baptized this Sunday. At the moment we have five people who should be getting baptized this month! the Lord is blessing us.
Team-up's in Liberal went really well. I got to meet and teach a bunch of their investigators. It was fun. It was also fun spending two days with four other elders. You don't get the chance to be around other missionaries very much when you're serving in a place like Ulysses & Hugeton! So it was a good couple of days learning how other missionaries work.
So I've been thinking for a while that if I want to fit in around here then I'd have to buy a belt buckle. I've been on the search for a while and I finally found one. Actually I found two. The guy I bought them from was selling them for 15.00 each. I managed to get them talked down to 7.50 each. So I got two belt buckles for the price of one! I fit in!
Well, we just got back from a ward activity. First we ate a bunch of food and then we played baseball! That was really fun. I don't think I've held a bat for about ten years so I was a little rusty but that didn't make it less fun. On one of my hits I ran to 1st, 2nd and 3rd base. I still had a couple of seconds so I took off for a home-run. I was so close but Bother Daniels was right on my tail with the ball. I decided to ignore the fact that I was in slacks and a white shirt and tie and so I dove for the base. I slid a little and then somehow did a sideways front flip role. I swear I made it home safe but Brother Daniels says otherwise. Needless to say I was a little dirty after that! It was a fun activity.
Well, sorry this letter is a little short. I can't think of anything else of interest to tell you.
I love you and hope that you're having a great week!
Love Elder Cryer

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