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August 30, 2010 letter
Dear Family,
Well, the baptism that I was telling you about in my last e-mail was the baptism of C.B. She is a twenty year old girl who has two kids and was married when we met her but that has since changed. It was a long hard road to get her baptized. The interview almost got canceled, the baptism almost got moved and the interview was almost pushed back for three weeks! It was a constant battle. She's so glad that she went through with it now that she looks back though.
Well, the other day we had the chance to teach a German Mennonite lady and her three kids. IT was funny because while we were getting to know them I found out that she had three kids...a girl, then a boy, then another girl. I asked what the boys name was (as well as the girls) and his name was Benny. I told him we were practically twins. He was the middle child, stuck in between two girls and we had practically the same name!
The mother payed very good attention through the lesson but it was a bit difficult because she knew mostly German and only some English. We were able to help her understand what our message was though and the spirit was there. She wouldn't commit to anything right then except that she would read and pray. I hope she does.
Well Sam, I got your letter! Thanks! We are still working with that family...the cop and his wife and kids. They are progressing...just slowly!
The dad of the part member family is also doing well. He usually tries to avoid missionaries but he always comes out and talks to us. I think he trusts us which is huge!
Man, I can't believe how dusty those UNO cards were! That's way bad! I think that lady should maybe try dusting more than once a year!
So how is the house looking right now? Has there been any progress made?
You asked if I was still reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It's been on and off. I read out of it about two days ago.
Are we teaching any Hispanic people? Ummm...we're not teaching any steady right now. Although C is Hispanic, although she is light skinned. We do have a couple potential Hispanic people though.
Hey...I got your letter as well Emma! (Thanks mom for the pics of my cousins!) Thanks for the B-day note! I'm proud of you as well. Keep standing up for what you know is right! You've always had such a strong testimony. Don't let that go...even for a few minutes. Keep being awesome! Oh, and by the way...don't worry, you're not alone in the teens...your just the only teen at the moment (at least in our fam!) So you think you're going to try your hand at photography. That would be neat. Photography is really fun.
Well, your youth trip sounds really fun...the one at the beach. I've almost forgotten what it's like to go to the ocean!
Last but not least...I got your letter too mom! I did have a very happy b-day! Although I can't believe that you didn't remember it was my b-day until that day at dinner time. That's O.K. though...I'll forgive you because I forgot it was my b-day a lot throughout the day!
So you got to go to Alice in Wonderland in the park. That's neat. That's a bummer that you went to the wrong park at first. At least you found it eventually!
Thankfully I think that our cockroaches are done away least for now! Speaking of nasty bugs...the ants are really bad here this year too I guess. We haven't had a problem with them yet but lot's of other people have. I guess they're extra bad. At least you got them out of the house. That's the worst!
That's way cool that Elder Bednar is coming to Eugene! I wouldn't mind having dinner with him as well! Ask him to swing through Ulysses, will you?!
So, Emma's doing EFY in Portland huh? That should be fun! I loved EFY!
Well, thanks for your continued prayers and letters! I love you all...and my mission!
Love Elder Cryer

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