Tuesday, September 7, 2010


4 Srptember 2010 e-mail
Hey Everyone!
Are you surprised to see a letter in your in-box on Saturday? It is a little different but its because this Monday is Labor Day and so the library's will be closed and so we were told to check our e-mails on Saturday (today) to see if we are getting transferred!!!!I guess I'll get two e-mails from you next week!
So where do you think I'm going? Am I staying? Am I leaving? This would be the perfect transfer to leave because I would have until Tuesday to get packed! But..............if you want to find out then highlight in-between the stars...


What do you think??!?!?!?!?!?? Thats pretty awesome huh?!
Oh...guess who I'm serving with?!?!!?

**Elder Moser....AGAIN!!!**

Well this week's been good. Team-ups in Liberal went really well. I learned a lot from Elder Murphy and Elder Camarillo. It was neat getting to meet a bunch of their investigators and teach them. We taught some neat lessons while we were there. And also played a few harmless pranks on one another! :) It was a good time.
Oh, funny story....an older guy that we've been working with called us the other day and asked if we could go pick up a meal from Sonic for him! I was thinking, "Are you serious? That's the craziest request that anyone has ever made!" But we figured it would count as service since it is difficult for him to get around and so he called in to Sonic and told them what he wanted and then said that there would be two guys in white shirts and ties that would come pick it up. When we got to Sonic there were four cars waiting for their food. We just pulled up to the drive through speaker and said "Hi...we're here to pick up J's order." Then we pulled around and they brought our food out to us even though we were at the back of the line! We were laughing about what those people were thinking as they sat there waiting for their food! That's what happens when you wear a badge I guess! :)
Well it has started to cool down a little bit. Its still warm but not hot. They say that winter usually hits about the end of September or begining of October. I can't believe winter is almost here. I'm going to miss summer!
Well...I gotta run. We just got a call.......we are needed!
Love you all lots! Have a great week!
Love Elder Cryer

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