Saturday, September 4, 2010


August 23, 2010 Letter (Late)
Dear Family,
Do you have a shower door yet? I'm still laughing about that!
Well mom, you were right about not having any time to celebrate. For my birthday we tracted, taught the gospel, did a church tour, and other missionary things! It was fun though. It didn't feel like I should be doing anything else. I would have made my cake by now but we have no eggs right now and it calls for two. So as soon as I get eggs (and probably as soon as I finish all the cookies that grandma and Sam made me!) then I'll make my cake. Maybe I'll make it for my mission b-day! I'll be one here pretty soon as far as the mission goes.
Someone asked me how old I was the other day. It was so crazy telling them that I was twenty! I had to stop and make sure that was correct.
Well mom, I sure don't have a clue what the answer is to your question about why God chooses to have boys become men without their mothers by their side. I'm still trying to figure out why God let's nineteen and twenty year old guys be missionaries for Him. It's pretty humbling!
Well, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one struggling with Spanish! I'm not doing well at all with my Spanish. I still have the desire but I guess it's not that strong yet!
Thanks for the pudding! They were as good as I remember! Those things are so good!
Thanks for those quotes as well mom. You know how I love quotes...they have special meaning to me for some reason. I always love getting those quotes.
Well Sam, thanks for your letter! (and the cookies of course!) That's O.K. that it came after my b-day. It gave me a chance to celebrate again!
So, how was Carlene's wedding? Did mom end up going as well? It sounds like you all had fun painting the dining room! Man, it sounds like you got lucky Sam! Did you end up missing all the other work?
That is crazy about that couple that flew into the restricted airspace. So you got to hear two sonic booms! That is pretty cool. I can't say I've ever heard one of those. I wonder what's going to happen to that couple. That's not the best ending to a vacation!
Man, me and Elder Owens are practically brothers! I wonder if I saw him in the MTC.
So I'm interested to hear what the heck your learning from your book about graveyard symbolism. I can't believe that there is actually a book about that! Anything cool in it?
Well, last Sunday S.S. was baptized. She was a child of record baptism but I got the chance to teach her the missionary lessons before her baptism. I think I have told you about that. Anyway, her baptism went really well. She asked me to do the missionary moment and also to be a witness. I was more than happy to do that of course! As senior comp you don't get to do the missionary moments very much because Pres. Pfile has asked that the junior comp does them (unless they ask another missionary to do it). So I was happy to get the chance.
I don't remember...have I told you about C.B.? She is a twenty year old girl who has been taught by missionaries before but she kept losing contact with them because she kept moving. We tracted into her a few days ago and she let us in to talk with her. She has been to church about six times in the past? She said she really loved it but her husband didn't. She said that she wants to come back. It was funny because we went over to see her the other day and she was asking about the rules we had. She was shocked that we were nineteen and twenty and couldn't watch T.V, no radio, no texting, no swimming, only allowed to call home twice a year etc. We told her that it really wasn't as bad as it sounded but she couldn't comprehend that! It was funny.
Well, I'm glad to inform you that after we came back from e- mailing we played five rounds of 10,000 and I won four of the five games! My luck has returned! (at least for a little bit!)
Wow!! We had an intense lightning storm tonight! The storm clouds were super low for some reason and then the rain hit. A few minutes after the rain hit the lightning started. It was bolt lightning so it was really cool. I got some decent video of it. That is one thing that I love about Kansas...they get a lot of storms. Although I have heard that this year they're getting more than usual. I guess it's usually not this stormy, wet or hot. It's a bit of an odd year for them. Tomorrow is going to be cool and wet I hear so that will be a nice change.
Well, thanks again for all my 'happy birthday's'. Remember I love you lot's and you're all in my prayers.
I hope all goes well with the remodeling! Stay happy!
Love ya~
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. I wrote this whole letter on the 23rd...last p-day...and then I forgot to send it! I'm so sorry! I was just going through all my papers this morning (Sunday the 29th) and found this letter folded up in an envelope addressed to you with a stamp on it. I can't believe it! I'm so sorry! Well, look on the bright get two letters this week! Hooray!! (right?)

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