Monday, September 20, 2010


September 20, 2010 e-mail
Hey everybody!
Hope you're all doing well!
I am doing good as ever. I just got a letter from the mission office telling me about my temple jubilee!!! I get to go on October 7th and 8th! It will be a full day at the Denver temple and then lots of talking and studying about the temple afterward! I am really looking forward to it. It will be great to see all the guys..(Elders) that were in the MTC with me. They said in the letter that they want me to come with a clear idea of what I want my goals to be for the second half of my mission. I am going to be giving that a lot of thought over the next couple weeks. What goals and expectations do I have for the last half of my mission? I don't want to treat this lightly because this time will never come back to me. It will be interesting to see what it is that I find I need to work on. you have probably already seen there has been some activity on my card. Yes...that is me. I got a second pair of tracting pants and then realized that I really didn't need them. So I returned them and got some stuff that I really did need. One of which was a new belt! That belt that I got from J.C. Penney before I left lasted me a year! Not too bad considering what I've put it through...(and the fact that I wear it everyday!) It was a reversible belt but I have found that there are some downfalls to those and so I bought a black belt and a brown belt this time. I figure that they should last me the rest of my mission no problem. (Unless I put on a ton of weight in the next few months! I doubt that will happen!)
Did the last picture card that I sent home have any of the pictures that I attached to this e-mail? I cant remember if I sent this card home or not. Just let me know so that I know whether to delete these pics or send the card home.
Thanks so much for all my letters and my one year B-day package! That was hilarious! In my letter about the temple jubilee it said to "bring everything that I need to survive". I think that I may end up taking my bottle and pacifier just for fun! Elder Moser said that he hopes that his family sends him a one year old B-day package! He is just about three or four months away.
Hey....just got your e-mail! whew...I thought for a minute that you forgot about me! :0
So the duckies won huh?!!! GO DUCKS!!! Who did they play? What was the score?
So the winterization process has begun in Eugene. That's about what I figured! I was telling Elder Moser the other day that I was pretty sure winter had already set in back home. We were on that subject because it is still in the 90's here and isn't showing signs of changing! The locals are saying that this is a bit strange for them. I guess usually its cooled down by now....not this year I guess! Today it is super windy. It is pretty warm too! I don't mind that at all of course. I'd rather be knocking doors in the heat than in the rain. This is my last winter I'm hoping that it will be short! :)
Oh No!!! you killed LC! Poor thing. (And poor you and Brother Seamons for having to jump start her in the rain). Did many people see that? you sang for JC Ward! Man, I can't believe I missed that! Did you get any comments?! :) At least you didn't sing the other line that I wrote to that song! (You didn't did you? :/......:)
That's great to hear that Jay and Andrew have sent their papers in. How long till it gets from you to Salt Lake back to them? That will be exciting to hear where they get called to. So is Carson planning on starting his papers, sending in his papers, or getting his call by the first of the year? Tell him I said keep up the good work! I wonder if he'll go foreign like Jed or if he'll stay in the states. I can't wait to find out! all gave me quite a few letters to reply to and so I guess I better go see what I can do about those!
I'll probably say this again in my letter but WOW EMMA!!!! Those are some impressive drawings! You have found yet another talent of yours! If you ever want to draw me a picture..go ahead! I won't complain!
Well, I guess I'll let you go!
Love you all a ton! Thanks again for everything!
Love Elder Cryer

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