Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello my peeps! So this week has been good. We got to go to volley ball on Monday and meet some potential investigators that members brought. I don't remember what happened on Tuesday and I don't have my planner so... Wednesday was good. We had our district meeting and did a TON of role plays. I am getting pretty good at those things! I still don't go crazy for them, but they're O.K. now :) We had a lesson with Jon on Wednesday as well and he was able to get a beautiful blessing from Bishop. He came to church this Sunday as well, and we have high hopes for him! He wants to change so badly! Something that I have really been able to notice is the charity that I have been able to develop for the people here! Even the ones that I started out not even wanting to teach because they got on my nerves so much! I LOVE them now! It's so great :) I am going to be so sad when I leave though. Thursday we went to a super boring meeting at MSU where all the campus ministry people got together to talk about stuff. Super Boring. We got lunch afterwards though so that was cool. Then we got to do the family history booth in the PSU. That was super successful this time around! We got so many potentials, and one girl, her name is Erika, is super golden. She not only wants to learn about family history but she wants to learn about the church! She was telling us that she had seen a Book of Mormon one time and had wanted to take it, but she didn't want to just steal someone else's holy book. We asked her if she wanted a copy and she said she would love one. Woohoo! We are going to meet with her after spring break. We taught Charles on Thursday as well. He is getting baptized on the 21st :) SO EXCITED FOR HIM. Friday was weekly planning day. Not much to say there. Saturday was so pretty! The weather in Missouri is so strange. We had snow earlier in the week and by the weekend it was sunny and around 65 degrees. Luckily Saturday was the day that we had nothing planned and had to be outside almost all day :) So we got to enjoy some sun. Sunday was the best day of the week though. It started out not so hot. We were late for ward council because no one told us it was daylight savings time. That was actually pretty funny though and we had a good laugh about it. Then we somehow didn't have any investigators at church (which never happens). That meant that a ton of our lessons after church fell through and we didn't have anything to do. So we went tracting with Bishop, called some potentials had lunch. By this time I was feeling a bit discouraged about life in general. Why wasn't anything working out? Plus, we didn't have any new investigators for the week. We need at least two. "Come on Heavenly Father, let us find SOMEONE." That's pretty much what I was thinking. We had a lesson with Antwain and then went to go see Linda with the Elders to pass her off to them. But when we got to her house she came to the door and told us that there had been a death in the family and she couldn't meet today. That broke my heart! I love Linda so much and it made me so sad to see her so sad. The good thing about it though was that it opened up an hour before our 8 o'clock appointment. So we went tracting. Sister Ratto had received an impression of where we needed to go, so we headed off in that direction and the first door we knocked on we found a golden investigator! His name is Donald. We talked to him for about 30 minutes about God and about the Book of Mormon and he loved everything we told him! :) After Donald we started walking back towards the institute but stopped to tract another apartment building. First door we knocked on there we didn't have any luck. The lady there was not only not interested but she was trying to hold on to a very hyper active dog. So it was just a really bad time and slightly awkward. Any way, the next door we knocked on was a little Indian family; mother and two daughters (YSA age). They invited us in and we got to talk to them and teach them a little bit and we are going back again on Sunday. That's FOUR new investigators! Me and Sister Ratto were so happy! We left their house and then the second we heard the door close we just turned to each other, grinning ear to ear and then started laughing and running and jumping and heel clicking and all the rest of it! We were downright slap happy! It was the best and such an amazing miracle! Heavenly Father really does bless us for our faith! Well, that's about all I have for ya :) Got to go and do some bowling with the district now :) Love you all like crazy! Sister Cryer

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