Monday, March 2, 2015


Ok, so I don't have a whole ton of time, but I thought I would shoot off a quick email any way. I should hopefully have time later today to write you a letter and make up for the lameness that will be this email, but if that doesn't happen, just know that I will repent tonight and I will do better next week :) So, this week has been good :) Wednesday to Thursday I was on an exchange with Sister Powell in Springfield 2nd. Lots of kids there. Let me tell you, I was never really good with kids, and now my almost 7 months in a YSA area has just lessened my ability to handle the little bedlumites even more! The car ride in the mini van to our dinner appointment was filled with screams and laughs and cries, my camera has some interesting pictures on it, and half my mints have disappeared. The actual meal once we got to the house was spent trying to eat around the little faces that kept moving closer and closer to mine blocking the track of the spoon to the mouth, playing "what's in your milk," and drying off my skirt after getting some sort of liquid in a cup spilled all over it. That was funny because Flynn (the little guy who dumped his beverage in my lap) was demonstrating how he had almost knocked his cup over and spilled stuff on me. In the demo the cup got a little bit out of control and the demo became a little bit too real as his water or apple juice of whatever it was splashed into my lap. So, careful when you do demonstrations. You never know what could happen. Church was cancelled yesterday because of weather conditions. We have had a lot of snow lately. Any way, so we spent most of the day shoveling drive ways with Bishop. That was a ton of fun and on the last drive way we ended up having a pretty intense snow ball fight (meaning we got shovel loads of snow and chucked them at each other). I got bishop in the face :) Haha! He got me back for it a little later. We all had a lot of fun. Well, that's all I have time for. Love you! Enjoy your Monday! Love, Sister Cryer

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