Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I want that Fred Astair cut out. Just sayin'. That is TOTALLY cool! I did get to have pie on pi day! :) I didn't think I would be able to but then, just in the nick of time (and I am pretty sure a tender mercy) we were able to go to the store with one of our members on the way back to our apartment because they needed to get some things, so I got to buy an apple pie :) It wasn't near as good as a pie from home, but it was pie, and that's all that matters! It was awesome :) So yeah, lets rejoice together that we were united as a family in our pie eating on pie day :D Thanks for extra cash to do that :) It was the best!!! Ok, so about the week. It was a little dead because it was spring break. I never thought the day would come that I would be happy for spring break to be over, but that day sure came! I am so excited for school to be back in and the students to be back out on the streets and in Springfield where we can talk to them! So lets see here, what news can I tell y'all about... We went bowling on Wednesday as a district. That was fun :) We did the PSU family history booth on campus on Tuesday. That was so boring! There weren't that many students because of spring break. We were able to see a miracle that day though! As we were sitting at the booth twittling our thumbs, a former investigator named Dominic walked past our table. I shot up real fast, no boredom now, and called out his name. He came back to the table and we were able to talk to him for about 10 minutes, get his phone number, invite him to activities and just get back in contact with him in general. Woohoo! That was so cool! Wednesday, we had some gorgeous weather! Which was awesome because all of our appointments cancelled! Haha So we did a lot of tracting and were able to find some potententials :) Something we have been doing as a zone this transfer is a finding hour from 4 to 5 every day. It's been really awesome! Basically we just go out as a zone in our seperate areas and focus all of our attention and efforts on finding. We have been able to see a lot of miracles in our finding hour :)Here is a picture of my zone. I am on the front row third from the left. Ok, sorry this is a really short email, but we only have one computer today so I need to let Sister Ratto on so she can email her fam. I will write a letter though! :D Love you all! Hope you have had an awesome Monday! Sister Cryer PS The Bishop in Emma's ward sent these two pics over the weekend. Thought I would add them to the blog.

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