Monday, July 20, 2015


Email dated July 20, 2015 Well hello family! Todays email might be a little bit short, just because I don't feel much like writing. haha How's that for an excuse! Let's see, I am trying to think of anything even remotely exciting that happened this week! I feel like I was running around with like a chicken with my head cut off, but there's not much to talk about for all that. ...On Thursday we did service almost all day. That was fun. We went down to Stockstill park and cleaned up a bunch of flood damage. There were a bunch of baseball fields down there that were under 6 feet of water, so they pretty much got destroyed. Any way, so we were tearing out fencing and cleaning up debris and stuff. Pretty great. I got a few more bug bites, but not very many for which I was very grateful! Any way, so we did that from 8 until 3 on Thursday and then we had to go home and shower and stuff because we were super gross and then we had a dinner appointment and then we went to do more service at 'Jesus Was Homeless'. That is an organization that basically just goes around to hotels and cheap apartments and stuff and hands out food to people. Pretty cool. Any way, we actually found the place which was a miracle and we were in time to help them put sandwiches in bags. Good thing too because when we left to actually deliver the meals we lost the van with all the food that we were trying to follow in the 76 evening traffic! Grr! We drove up and down and all around trying to find the van so we could help them pass out the meals, but we could never find them. So we went to Institute and were able to contact Shannon and set up an appointment with her, which was really good because we hadn't been able to contact her for about a week. So that was a tender mercy. I guess we were supposed to be at Institute, not 'Jesus Was Homeless'. Just goes to show that no matter how good a thing is, if it's now what God wants you to do, then you shouldn't be doing it. Let's see what else... actually, I think I only have a few other things to write about so I will leave it at that for this email. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! Say hi to some peeps for me :) No one in particular, just whoever you feel like (lol) and if anyone asks, tell them that I love being a missionary! Sister Cryer

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