Thursday, July 16, 2015


Letter dated July 6, 2015 Dear Family, So, Heavenly Father has blessed us with so many miracles this past week! I will just tell you about a few of them. The 10 week goal this wee (week 10, last one) was to double the standard of excellence. Oh boy. Well, on Tuesday we got 9 lessons, 8 of which were member present. That is more than we got TOTAL the week before! It was so cool! And it happened because we worked to get exchanges, we were working hard throughout the day and we were really trying to talk to EVERYONE. Wednesday's miracle was that we were able to find a less active even though the address was wrong. We were out in Rock Away Beach on exchanges with Jared C. looking for number 1080 on Nathan Rd. Well, there was no 1080 anywhere on that road. Great. So we decided to knock on 1018 just for kicks. Who knows, right? Well, Heavenly Father knows. That was the right house! (By the way there were like a bajillion cats and flies around that house! I got like 12 bug bites in the 10-15 minutes that we stood there talking to the guys. Nuts!) On Thursday we got to have dinner with the Christiansens. That's not exactly a miracle but I wanted to mention it anyway. That is a cute family! I love them so much! Brother Christiansen is a writer. Sister Christiansen just recently got called as the young womens president. Their kids are just adorable, age 10 and 5. They say hi to us and give us hugs and knuckle bumps when we see them at church. So fun. Anyway, while we were eating dinner a thunder storm started moving in. Some of the thunder was so loud that it rattled the windows that were all around the table. Then as soon as we started heading out to the car it started dumping the water. It wasn't just buckets it was semi truck loads of water coming out of those clouds. It was raining so hard in fact that when Sister Gerard was backing me out of a driveway (after I had made a wrong turn) one of her shoes came off and actually started floating away down the road in the mini river that had started rushing down the streets after only about five minutes of rain! Windshield wipers going full force and me having forgotten my glasses and contacts, it was a fun drive. I think...Oh wait. Ok, yeah, so another miracle that happened was on....Thursday too I think. Anyway, we went to Walmart to grab something for Sister Gerard and we got run down upon exiting the store by a potential investigator named Kirk! We didn't even see him, he is the one that saw us and ran after us to say Hi! Apparently he works at the Walmart as a manager or something. Anyway, that was super cool. We asked if we could call him some time to set up an appointment and he said we sure could. Blessings! Then today we actually almost got run over by Logan (that guy we tracted into) and he recognized us and waved and we got to talked to him for a few minutes and set up a time for tomorrow! I tell ya, I will never say anything bad about Walmart again. It has been very good to me! Another miracle was at the Palms Inn off of 76. It's an extended stay motel. We were there to meet with a potential but he in the 24 hours since we had set the appointment with yeah. Anyway, so we were about to leave and Sister Gerard was backing me up when she was suddenly engaged in conversation by a Jamaican man about three stories above us. I waited in the car, opting to let Sister Gerard just handle the situation and she was actually able to set up a return appointment with him to talk about church because he said he wanted to come. So that was cool! We'll be meeting with him tomorrow. Another miracle is that we got a really solid referral from a TOURIST! Talk about being a missionary! She just talked to this complete stranger and committed him to take all the missionary discussions! So cool! Well, that was my week. I love you all! Love Sister Cryer

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