Sunday, July 5, 2015


Letter dated 29 June 2015 Dear family, OK!....Earlier on in the day I was thinking of all the things that I could tell you. I should have written them down. OK, here's something cool that happened. So every time a missionary has a birthday Sister Shumway calls them and gives them a birthday wish. So on my birthday Sister Shumway called me and wished me a new investigator that I would find by handing out a copy of the Book of Mormon. Well, because it was weekly planning day we didn't have a whole ton of time to make that happen! I handed out one Book of Mormon outside Kendra's apartment before our lesson with Shannon and then we went to try and contact a potential. We couldn't find him though and we didn't know what to do after that in the time that we had before our exchange with Sister Atwood. So we went back to the car and said a prayer asking Heavenly Father what He wanted us to do. After the prayer I kept my eyes closed so that I wouldn't be distracted and could focus on trying to hear the spirit. Several minutes went by and I was getting nothing. Somewhat frustrated I opened my eyes and immediately saw a guy walking past our car with a soda in his hand. I blinked. Then I jumped out of the car, grabbed by bags and took off after the guy. He had a head start on us and I didn't want to loose him, so I called out to try and get his attention but I don't think he heard me. He went down a little alley way and we followed in time to see him turn a corner toward the end. We ran to the corner and turned in but a little too late. The guy was no where in sight. We walked around the apartments a bit trying to find him but had no luck. So, then we walked through some of the neighborhoods hoping to see another YSA walking around (because we were out of our boundaries for West Ward) but had no luck. After a while we headed back to the car and off to meet Sister Atwood. I gotta tell ya I was feeling a little down about missing that guy and I take this opportunity to say, "Never postpone a prompting." Sometimes being able to effectively act on a prompting is a matter of a few seconds. If I had gotten out of the car sooner, right when I saw the guy and had the thought to talk to him then maybe we would have had a miracle happen. Lesson learned. Heavenly Father is merciful though so he gave me a second chance of sorts. On exchanges with Sister ATwood we got to talk to a guy named John and his son Owen outside their house and I got to give John a Book of Mormon. He said we could come back and talk to him about it so, we got a potential investigator. He is a super cool guy. He has a parrot named Flapper that is pretty cool too and Owen was a little ball of energy and confidence. So cute. So the ten week goal this past week was to set 2 new baptism dates. So on Sunday we set two baptism dates. We set a date with Ronan which was awesome. He is only 14 but he is so on the ball. He wants to get baptized, and wants to get baptized for the right reasons. We also set a date with Shannon. Talk about last minute date setting! We set the date over text and had to tell our Zone Leaders about it after we already sent in our indicators. Shannon is so cute. At our lesson we had talked to her about thinking about a date and said that we would follow up on Sunday about it. Well, we forgot to do that at church so we texted her about it Sunday night and asked if she had had time to think about it. She responded, "I was thinking next Tuesday." Uh, haha! That's great sweet heart but we got some stuff to go over wicha (spoken in a gangster type accent). We texted back and suggested setting it a little further back so we would have time to do all the lessons with her. "That would be even better!" she texted. We just love her! Well, we've got an early dinner tonight, so I gotta go. I love you all! Have an amazing week! Love Sister Cryer

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