Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Portions of two cards dated July 20, 2015 Hello Family..... News. We went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders this past Friday. That was fun. I got to go to Ozark with Sister Bastion. I have never been to Ozark and this is Sister Bastions first transfer there so we had fun. We went on an exchange with some members though who knew the area so that was good. Funny story about that. We were driving around out in the boondocks trying to find one of our members when I looked out the window and saw up someones driveway a mannequin with no clothes on being hung by it's neck from a tree with the words "Keep Out" written in black across it's chest.....So that happened! I don't even know what else to say about that. We also had dinner with a very active little family out in Nixa. Those kids were EVERYWHERE! The spiritual thought was interesting. We put two pieces of paper on the floor far apart....Us..................Jesus Christ telling the kids that there was hot lava in between and then asked them "How do we get across?" One answered, "Lava Shoes!"...Uh, not quite what we were looking for. So we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and for each part of the gospel we put down a paper stepping stone across the lava. At the end we had all the kids jump on the steps to get to Jesus. That soon turned into jumping everywhere in the room and then they began tearing up the stepping stones. ha ha! NO! Don't destroy the gospel! I have no idea how any of us are going to make it back to heaven now. lol. So that was fun. So mom you asked about our new mission president and his wife. They are so awesome! President and Sister Loveland. President Loveland is a farmer. They are from Pocatello Idaho. Sister Loveland is very sweet, but if she has something to say she says it! In our conference call with them the first Monday they were here Sister Loveland told us a bedtime story from the scriptures. It was so cute! She actually ended up forgetting parts of it, but she just laughed at herself and moved on. President Loveland is quieter than President Shumway was and he isn't as eloquent when he speaks but you can tell that he has a strong testimony and that he holds keys for this mission. He also knows his scriptures really well. As far as responsibilities that I have as a trainer....basically I just train. They have something called the 12 week program that we go through with our trainees to help them learn how to teach and what to teach and pretty much just how to be an effective missionary. So we do that for an hour everyday. Other that that, I report to the Mission President every week on how my trainee is doing. Then I just try and lead and teach by example mostly. It's pretty awesome. I really love being a trainer actually. Well, we have to head to FHE with the YSA now so this'll be the last you get from me this week. The gospel is true y'all! I KNOW it is. I love you! Have a great week! Thank you for all the notes and letters and prayers. They mean a lot! Love Sister Cryer P.S. Don't mean to make you jealous but we have a pretty sweet thunder and lightning storm going on right now!

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