Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hey guys!
How's life treating you all? I'm doing awesome. Last Saturday we had a baptism for E.....a nine year old girl. It was a great baptism. Her brother just turned eight and so was getting baptized and she wanted to get baptized as well. (I attached a picture of us with her).
Man we are seeing so many miracles lately. At the moment we have 13 people who could be baptized by the end of this month! The problem will be finding time to get to all of them! Its awesome though to have so many people to teach.
So we got a media referral from the MTC for a couple that wanted to talk with the missionaries. We went over there and only she was there so we didn't really teach her anything we just answered a few of her questions. (She had a ton!) Then we told her that we would love to come back and teach them more when her husband was home. She said that would be fine and so we'll probably be going over there again sometime this week. is some news for you. You know my MTC comp, Elder Slade. He had to go home. I guess he had a bunch of plates and rods in his arm that had come completely apart and so he had to go get them re attached. So they did the surgery here in Denver but then they sent him home to recover. He should be back out though in about six weeks. Hopefully he'll recover quickly and well!
The other night we had dinner at this one families house and we were having spaghetti and they brought out two pans of sauce and Brother "W" said that one had meat in it and the other one didn't because he didn't like meat. Then they brought out the bread and he said that one had garlic and the other one didn't because he didn't like garlic. Then they brought out the salad and I just couldn't help myself. I knew it was my first time ever meeting them but this was a perfect opportunity and they seemed like a joking family and so I said " where's the salad without the lettuce?" He just looked at me and started cracking up along with everyone else at the table.
He said "That was cold. You are gonna fit in just fine with us!"
The rest of the night we were all just laughing! Towards the end of our visit I was about to give the spiritual thought and Elder Torres, who was on the couch across from me, patted the cushion next to him to try and get one of their cats to come over to him. Here was another perfect opportunity I couldn't pass up.
I said "Oh, it's O.K. Elder Torres I'll sit here...I'm fine."
Man you should have heard the room explode! Everyone lost it laughing! (There goes the spirit :/....!) Once everyone had settled down I ended up giving the spiritual thought! It was a fun night.
Well last night was K's birthday and so we took a few minutes to stop by and wish her a happy birthday and eat some pie with them. We got her a Rubix 360 for her present. She actually didn't get to play it a whole ton because her mom stole it from her and tried desperately to figure it out! It was funny....that family is so awesome!
Well we went to go shopping today and we have no money! I hope they get it to us soon!
So I did get the letter with the cartoons. I actually got both of them! I guess that the first one you sent got lost at the mission office and then they found it in a box of supplies! So they brought it to me at zone conference. There are some good cartoons there...I'm depressed.........I mean...IMpressed! Keep up the good work Emma. You're going to be a natural by the time I get back!
Emma, you asked me in your letter if I've had any thunder storms yet. None so far...but I hear that we get some crazy ones in the summertime around pikes peak. They say that the lightning stikes about every two seconds in a good storm! I hope I get to see a good storm like that. I really hope I get to see a tornado before I leave! That would be awesome! And magic tricks yet. I actually keep forgetting that I know any magic tricks! I'll have to try and remember to do one for some of the kids here!
Well....time for me to go. I have a ton of letters to write today though so I'll try and write you a few more details today.
Love you all and hope you're having a great day!
Talk to you soon.

Ben..................(aka Elder Cryer!)

Hey I just got your email right after I sent mine!
Thats awesome that you got to see Elder Perry on your mission too dad. I wish I could have gotten a picture with him but he didn't have the time to get pictures with 100 missionaries!
Well hey Grandma and Grandpa! So your down visiting I hear. I'm glad that your both recovering well! Your in my prayers along with my family. I wanted to say another quick thankyou for that micro fiber towel that you sent for Christmas. I have used it a ton and I love it. Its just as big as my other towel but it takes up WAY less space! So thanks.
Well I hope you all have a great FHE tonight! I really have to go now because Elder Torres is sick of waiting for me!
Love you all,

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