Friday, March 19, 2010

TEACHING!'s my family doing?
Things are going pretty well here but they're a little slow right now. We don't have anyone with a date right now. We do have some people we're trying to work with though. We have a nine year old girl who just needs her dad's permission before she can be baptized. We also have a young couple who were referred to us by a member in Castle Rock. They have two little girls (2 & 4 years old). They seem really sincere about learning more. We just need to set up a time to meet with them. She just has a few concerns like, 'Why do we have to be baptized by water?' and 'Do you have any way of proving the Book of Mormon, do you have any artifacts?' So we just need to sit down with her and her husband and teach them the restoration which would answer both of those questions. We also have another couple who we're going to meet with this weekend. So we have a lot of potentials right now but no one solid with a baptismal date. I don't remember if I told you that Bill and his family (our family of 5) got dropped. I'm pretty sure that his brother, who is a Baptist, had a negative influence on him, because he said that he talked to his brother and decided he would just go back to the Baptist church his brother was going to. It was really sad to drop them but there was nothing we could do.
Well, yesterday during the third hour of our second block of church we went to the CTR7 class instead of going with the priests like usual. It was way funner! And they just happened to be talking about missionary work that day. What are the odds? A little way through the lesson they acted out some different situations. They got me to pretend to be a new kid at the school out on the playground standing all by myself and then two of the kids had to come over and invite me to play with them. They did a great job! Then when everyone had acted out some different situations they had all...well two kids (everyone else was too shy) come up and sing "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission". Then when they got done they wanted me and Elder Torres and Elder Bowman to sing it to them. So we got up and ..."a one and a two and a one, two, three, I hope they call me on a mission...." The kids loved our slightly jazzed up version! It was really fun.
So we have a guy in the ward who is a super good cook. He did a few years of culinary school. Anyway, it was my turn to choose the meal for yesterday and I chose chicken cordon-bleu. It was WAY GOOD! I can't even describe it. It was amazing. Then after dinner they asked us if we could teach them the first lesson because when they were on their missions they had the discussions and so they wanted to see how it was different now. It was a little different teaching a member but it was fun.
So the other day we were out tracting and the weather was aweful. It was about 30 degrees and then the wind was blowing about 40-50 mph which made it really cold! It was a dirt/sand road too and so we were getting blasted by sand. Not too fun! I still remember my first day ever in Colorado when I went out to tract for the very first time.
My greenie tracter said, "You just get used to being tired all the just work anyway!" Now I know what he meant! Tired is normal.
So, guess what? The other day I cut my own hair! I know, it's a very scary thought but don't worry because it actually turned out good. I had Elder Bowman touch up around my neck but other than that it was all me! I was a bold move but I got lucky!
So, Emma, congrats for getting 'hired' as a reporter for The Morning Toast. You are just moving right on up in the world! I can't wait to see next months issue!
Well, I can't think of any new updates and so I guess I'll let you all go. Keep up the good work and stay happy!
Love you all alot!
Love Ben
P.S. Emma, you asked what Elder Torres was like. Well, he's very competitive! He likes to work super hard so I'm learning alot from him. He likes to have fun too though so we get along pretty well! He's only got about four months left on his mission. He's really lanky too! He's got a super tiny torso and really long arms and legs! He's a great guy.
Well, love ya and we'll talk to you later.

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