Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey everyone!
Wow what a week...well we had yet another baptism....the Lord is blessing us here in Calhan! We had the baptism of a young lady that we've been teaching for a while. She was baptized by her husband. It was an awesome baptism!
So the other day while Elder Torres and I were out tracting we came across a guy who makes homemade beef jerky. Its six dollars for a five ounce bag (which comes out to be a little cheaper than store bought). So we went there the other day and I bought a bag. It is really good! I've been eating just a little here and there to try and make it last. So far I'm doing really well. I bought it last week and I still have some!
So Sam I thought that you might like to hear this. I found out about a week or two ago that we have an author in our ward! Her name is Connie Martin. She doesn't have a whole ton published yet so I don't know if you've heard of her but she got a childrens picture book published a few years ago and she gave me a free signed copy! That's right...I'm so special! Anyways, its called...um...I think it was called "The Quest of Eloshidii". Its basically the story of the plan of salvation but you probably wouldn't even know it if you didn't know the plan of salvation. But it is a really neat book. She got another lady to do all of the artwork and all the pictures of the princess are drawn after Connie's daughter (who I also know!) Its cool to own a book by someone I know! Anyways....she's coming out with a trilogy soon too. I forgot what its called but I'll try and write it in my letter.
So this morning we taught seminary! It was pretty crazy! We basically had three games that we played. The first one they had to answer questions like when the church was organized and what the names of the twelve apostles are and things like that. Then for the second game we would read a scripture to them (having to do with the plan of salvation) and then the first team to find it won a point. Or we would say "If a friend asked you about ????, what scripture could you read to them?" And the first team to find a scripture on that topic won. Then for the third round (or game) we dressed up in crazy outfits (just us three Elders) and had the kids role play to us like we were a friend at school. (I have a picture of Elder Bowmans Santa outfit!) It was a really fun morning.
So later today we're getting together with some of the youth and even a couple leaders and having a good game of vollyball! Should be fun.
Thanks a ton for the pictures included in your last letter! I love getting pictures for my photo album!
Well I gotta go now. I will write later today!
Love you all and I hope you are all having a great day!
Thanks for all your prayers!!! They're working! :)
Love Ben
P.s. How do you like the picture of Elder Bowman and me with our white hair?! :)

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