Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey everyone!
How is life treating you all? I hope well! :)
Well I just have a couple minutes to email today because we are driving Elder Bowman down to Fountain today and we have to get leaving here pretty quick.
That is hillarious dad...about your amazing ability to predict! Maybe you should get a lottery ticket while your on a roll! :) (Ok maybe not) Who'd of thought that there really would be a tsunami warning in Hawaii! That is crazy. And the water thing too! Maybe I should pay more attention to the dreams I have!
Well I'll be looking foreward to hearing from Emma about the fireside. It sounds like Brother Gelwix is quite the rugby player! I have heard about the movie "forever strong" but I don't think I've ever seen it. Its on the approved list though so maybe next Christmas I'll watch it! (Although they're talking about not allowing missionaries to watch any movies anymore.....holiday or not! I don't know if they will pass that rule or not though.)
Thanks for the XD card and mints and letter. I really enjoyed that article that you sent too. Wow that was amazing how they were warned about the earthquake and had time to prepare. Almost as good as dad knowing how the bottled water service was going to be cancelled! :)
Well...I gotta go. Time to drive to Fountain.
I'll talk to you guys later....glad your all doing well.
Love you all alot
Love Ben

So I thought I'd send another quick e-mail since I didn't use up my whole hour this morning. :)
Well we got Elder Bowman down to Fountain so now its back to just me and Elder Torres.
This morning before we dropped Elder Bowman off we got together with the zone leaders and a few other missionaries and played some basketball. It was fun. It felt good to run around a little bit. We did that for about an hour before we left to Fountain.
Well we have General Conference coming up pretty quick...I'm looking forward to it. I'm almost done studying the last General Conference issue so it will be nice to get another one to study!
I read through Elder Hollands talk this morning and it hit me really hard this time. I LOVE that talk! The spirit witnessed very strongly to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I love Elder Hollands talk.
Hey speaking of talks....did you ever finish that Brigham Young book that you were working on mom? I would still love a copy whenever you do finish with that!
So it was awesome to hear that all of you got up and bore your testimonies last Fast Sunday! Guess what? I had to do it TWICE! lol Once in each ward. Oh well...its good for me!
Hey guess what!?!?!?!?!?!? Tomorrow I am officially not a 'greenie anymore'! I'll hit my six month mark! Very exciting stuff! :) Its tradition to burn a tie when you hit six months so I gotta decide what tie I want to burn. (Dont worry....its going to be a really ugly tie!!! I'm not burning a nice tie! Oh, the thought sends shivers up my spine!!!) Did you ever burn a tie dad or is that a newer thing?
So whats new back home? Any new additions to the house? Is my room still an "anyones room"? Are there any new people in the ward? Have you adopted anyone because you miss me so much?! ;) Let me know if anything horribly exciting happens! I'll try and do the same!
Well I hope that you all have a good, fun FHE tonight. I'll be there in spirit! :)
I love you all and miss you....I pray for you guys every single night.
Love you!
Love Ben

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