Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey Guys!
First of all, thanks so much for the pretzels! Elder Torres loved them. So did Elder Bowman...who is here with us until the 14th or 15th. And of course, I did! They tasted even better than I remembered. Probably because I haven't had any for six months! So are you and Emma still dipping pretty regularly? How's Dipzys doing? It tastes like it's doing just fine!
Wow, that is awesome hearing about Laura. It's amazing how the Lord places us all in the situations we need in order to grow...and help others grow. As I look back on my mission and at all my companions so far I can see how everything has allowed me to grow. Yeah, so keep me posted and let her know how excited I am for her.
You also mentioned that Bishop Burtons son is here in Colorado Springs Mission. Well, guess what!: I'm almost positive that I know who he is. I know an Elder Burton but I don't know if his first name, I do know! His name is Thomas! When I was serving with Elder Oakes in Pueblo, my first transfer, Elder Burton and Elder Tony covered part of Pueblo too, so we always went to dinner appointments together and we all attended the same ward. I actually just saw him agian when Elder L. Tom Perry came to speak. That is crazy that his dad might be Lauras bishop! I'll have to let him know next time I see him.
Well, tell Sister Hawes and Bishop Webb and Brother Seamans that I love them too! They have all done so much for me. Oh, and also Brother Bullock! I still remember that night that I got my Patriarchal blessing so well. He taught me so much that night.
Thanks for the pics in the last letter! I have them in my photo album. It's great to see you all... even if you have been squished into a 2d figure on a 4x6 card! You still look great!
I know mom, isn't "E" so cute! Her whole family is so fun! I loved going over there to teach because her other three sisters and two brothers would always sit in and answer questions with her. They're actually really smart kids...even if they did think that the prophet was Obama! (We had to explain the difference between the Prophet and the President of the USA!)
So Sam, the name of the trilogy that Sister M is working on is The Crying Chandelier. She's working on publishing it now so keep your eyes open!
Well, the other day Elder Torres and I tracted for seven hours! Let's just say that my legs were very sore! While we were out tracting we came to this one house and a golden lab came running around the house to us. When he saw us his tail started wagging like crazy! Then he took off and came running back with a ball. He ran up to me and dropped the ball then backed up a few steps and then just stared at me, still wagging his tail like mad! So, while Elder Torres knocked on the door (and while no one came to the door) I played fetch with the dog. He was such a fun little dog. He was so sad when we had to leave.
Well, we had a good P-day. We played volleyball with the two Black Forest Elders and a few of the Calhan Young Men and also Brother Barks (one of the YM leaders). We also played 'knock out' or 'bump' (a basketball game)and dodgeball. It was fun and felt really good to get out and run around. Then everyone else had to go and so the five of us Elders decided to have a nerf war. That was alright but not really my thing. It seems like most missionaries are nerf nerds! I could care less about nerf though! Oh well.
We have been snow free for almost a week now but last night it decided to dump a couple inches on us. I'm kind of getting tired of the snow believe it or not! It sounds like Eugene is having some nice weather though. Not fair! So the lawn mower is still going strong huh? That's good to hear. The grass here hasn't even started Is green the color that grass usually is? I can't remember anymore! It's just brown everywhere!
So your all getting ready for the trek. How far is the trek? How far do you have to walk I mean? Since your all getting in shape you should put on a tri-stake marathon just so you all can beat everyone!
Well dad, let President Lake, John P, Ken Bay, and Bishop Barker know that I am doing awesome. It's always nice to know that people remember me still!lol
Well, it doesn't look like this letter will reach three pages. Sorry! But I can't think of any updates.
Hope you're all doing good with work and school and stuff! Keep having a good week!
Love you all,
Love Ben

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