Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hey Family!
Well It sounds like the trek was a great (once in a lifetime) experience! I can't wait to get Emma's full length, full detail, full blown description of the trek! I'm excited to hear all about it. So Dad, was it even more walking than Eagle Cap? Because I seem to remember that you had some pretty good blisters on that hike! :) Did you get any blisters on the trek? It does sound like, from what you described, that you did a ton of walking. I thought they were going to have horses for you....did they decide against that? I've been offered to go horseback riding a few times while I've been out. I wish I could but of course its against the rules. Well...I would ask more questions about the trek but I'm sure Emma will fill me in. I will say that I am glad that you weren't lynched dad! It sounds like your lucky there were no trees!
Thank you dad for your advice on how I can be a better leader. I really do want to be able to lead in a loving way but it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'm jealous of your ability to lead with love and so I'm grateful that you were willing to impart some of your wisdom with me! I've got a lot to work on.
Well this e-mail is coming on a Tuesday because yesterday we had an AmAzInG zOnE cOnFeReNcE!!!!! :) It was without a doubt the most spiritual zone conference I have had on my entire mission so far. I tried to write in my journal my feelings about it last night but its so hard to convey in words....impossible in fact (Especially for me!). I can't tell if the zone conferences are getting more spiritual or if I am. Maybe both, I don't know. All I do know is that I felt the spirit so incredibly strong yesterday. It filled my whole body up. The best way that I can describe this zone conference is like this: Its like there was teaching going on on two different levels. The first level was the things that were being said. The actual words being used. The second level was so much deeper than mere words though. It was like my spirit was conversing with the spirit of the Lord inside of me and I was trying to listen in. I almost feel like I learned more yesterday than I even know I did. I think that my spirit understood more than my mind understood and now I have to learn what I was taught yesterday. Does that even make any sense? I know that I am not good with words. I wish I could describe everything I felt yesterday. I did have a very spiritual experience yesterday that I will share with you in my letter. President shared a personal story with us that he said he doesn't share with many people. I'll explain in my letter. :) But this zone conference was all focused on how to be eligible for, seek for, receive, and follow personal revelation. Man it was good! I'll share some of my notes in my letter.
I must say that my love for both President and Sister Pfile has grown so much since I first came out. They are two very amazing people and have become very special to me. I am really very sad that I wont get to finish my mission with them.
So this last Sunday we were driving to church in Hugoton and I almost ran over Fred! (O.K. maybe it wasn't Fred but it was his cousin I think!) I just barely missed and then I turned to Elder Alonso and said "Did you see that?" He answered my question by saying "See what?". I swung the car around and we got out and introduced ourselves. That's how Fred was found right?...crossing the road? Well we took a couple pics and then headed to church. We didn't take him with us because it says in the white bible that we cant have pets. :(
We went over to a members house for dinner on Sunday and they were roasting hot dogs over the fire. It was fun. I haven't done that for a long time! Then we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Elder Alonso had never had a S'more before and you should have seen his face when he bit into it. He did not like it at all. I think that it was too sweet and gooey for him. He likes spicey food! He did manage to finish it despite sister "S" saying "You really dont have to finish it if you dont like it, really you wont hurt my feelings." It was funny. I enjoyed mine though!
Well mom how is your back doing? I was so sad to hear that you were laid up in bed again. I know how hard it is for you to deal with that (Well, I dont know really how hard it is because I've never been there but I do know its hard). I hope it heals quick. I'll pray that it does.
Well I gotta run. We have a busy, hectic P-day today.
Love you much, take care
I love you
Love Ben

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