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August 16, 2010 letter
Dear Family,
Sorry that I had to cut my last e-mail short but there was a guy that needed to use a computer so I figured I'd be charitable!
Well, those three kids got baptized last Saturday and were confirmed on Sunday. They were taught by the Zone leaders though so really it doesn't count towards me and Elder Moser but that doesn't matter...what matters is that they got baptized! They are such awesome kids. They are so smart and 'G' is the most adorable thing you've ever seen! (She's the little eight year old)
Since we had no investigators at church we decided to go to Primary again for the third hour of church to help the kids feel comfortable. It was fun. We got to sing and color more.
While me and Elder Moser were tracting the other day we ran across this young lady who let us in to talk to her. We found out that she had talked to LDS missionaries before. She's been to church about five or six times before! She accepted to be baptized on the 22nd. Her name is 'C'. She has a sister, 'J' who also wants to be learn and be baptized. We're so excited that we found them.
Last Friday, the 13th of August...We had dinner at the Whites. If I'd had this dinner before I left eleven months ago I would have hated it, but on Friday I loved it. It was a home-made tortilla (nice and thick) with re-fried beans, meat and cheese on it. Then we got to put what we wanted on it. I put on some lettuce, tomato, onion and some hot salsa. It was so good.
After dinner I gave the spiritual thought and then we got to talking. Somehow the subject turned to music and I found out that 'T' (the 11 year old) had a guitar. She went down to her room and brought it up. It was a pink guitar...not quite full size and way out of tune! I got it all tuned up and then I played a couple songs. I hate to say this but I'm a little rusty. I haven't touched a guitar for about four months. It was fun to try and play a little though. Hey! I just went out to the mail and I got a little package! It's my CTR ring! Thanks so much for getting that for me. I love this ring so much. I've been checking out all the other missionaries CTR rings and I haven't see a single person with this one! Thank you so much! You are awesome.
Well Emma. It sounds like you had a good time in Seattle. Seattle is a popular place out here. Everyone knows about Pikes Fish Market.
So what movie did you go to see at the little 5 or 7 screen? You would love the movie theater here in Ulysses Kansas. It only has one screen. They can only show one movie at a time. They always have the weeks movie listed in the paper that gets sent to us.
So that's neat that you got to look at famous Mormons online. What did it have to say about me?
Man Emma. I am very impressed with your cartoons. What kind of pen are you drawing them with? Are you following a pattern or are these coming from your imagination? They are really good. I like the waitress and the old fat man. Do you think you could draw a picture of two missionaries? Maybe with backpacks on bikes? That would be way cool! I showed the cartoons to Elder Moser and he said, "Oh, dang. Those are really good!" Keep up the awesome work!
So Sam. I got your letter too...thanks! Yeah, we did have a bit of a rough spot there for a bit but now it's getting better. We have five people with a date to be baptized. Now that we've found them the real work begins. Now it is up to us to help them feel the spirit and gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel so that they will get baptized.
So your wanting to get more out of your scripture study? Why? (Just joking) Well, that's something that I've been working on as well. One thing that always helps is doing tons of cross referencing. Also, going into study with one or two questions and then trying to apply or relate everything you study to that question. It's something that I'm still working on as well. I have days where I learn so much and feel like the spirit is guiding me and teaching me and then other days I feel like I don't get much. It's work to have an effective study. Keep reading the Ensign as well. I love to write quotes from the Ensign in the margins of my scriptures by verses that apply.
It sounds like work is going really well for you. I'm starting to realize that kids are awesome! I love teaching kids! I'm glad to hear that you're still "long" and that you haven't shrunk! It was funny because the other day we randomly got invited into a party at this house (someone going off to college) and there was tons of food but anyway there was a girl there and her uncle said, "Wow, your tall," and she said, "I'm not tall...I'm long." I thought it was funny in light of your recent story!
So have you made any bagels lately? They sound tasty.
I can't believe your only 2 terms off of your AAOT degree. That's so crazy! Any new thoughts on college or mission? No pressure...seriously. Just wondering.
So today one of the girls from the Hugoton branch called us and told us that she had a friend that wanted to talk with us. She drove down here to Ulysses and we taught him the plan of salvation (that is what we felt inspired to teach) and he is awesome.
He said that he's been investigating all sorts of religions all his life but never felt anything until last Sunday when he walked into our church. He said, "I never thought I could learn so much truth in three hours. I felt something there that I've never felt anywhere else. I know it's true." We committed him to be baptized and he accepted. Then we found out that he lives in Aloha Oregon...right inside Beaverton! I was like, "Hey! I'm from Oregon too!" So we told him that we'd get the missionaries from Oregon in contact with him since he's flying back to Oregon tonight. So guess what?! I got to call Oregon! I called the Portland Oregon Mission Office to give them the referral. It felt like calling home! It was crazy. What mission is Eugene in? Is it part of the Portland mission?
Well, I wanna get this letter off so I'll wrap up I guess! Have a good one! Love ya all lots! Stay happy!
Love Ben

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