Wednesday, August 18, 2010


August 16, 2010 e-mail
Hey Family (and all other potential viewers....)
How is life treating everyone? Hopefully all is well. I know that I'm doing just fine!
So Jordan was ordained an Elder huh?!?!?! That's way cool. And now off to college. Man, I can't believe how fast time has flown! One semester and he'll be doing mission papers. That's awesome!
So Brother Rowberry sent me a letter? I can't say that I've gotten it yet. Probably soon though!
Man, L.C. is looking young again! What is that thing suction cupped to the windshield? Is that a GPS? Or am I just seeing things?!?! And you got the air conditioning back! I bet its nice to have that running again! Maybe I can talk President Pfile into getting me a Land Cruiser instead of a Malibu to drive! What do you think? it worth a try?!?!?! :) The mission pays for gas!
Oh man ......I didn't realize it was so cold in Eugene. Its down in the 90's? O.K. that's pretty warm still but it was funny because yesterday it dropped down to 85-90 degrees and me and Elder Moser were joking that we might need to break out our winter gear! We're used to 107 and humid! But seriously.....air conditioning is still nice in 90 degree weather!
Well, I got exhausted just sitting in my chair reading about you going back and forth between Jerry's and home trying to get a satisfactory color to paint the dining room and kitchen in! That sounds intense! It better be a dang good color! :) I bet the guys and gals in the paint department just love you! So are you painting in preparation for the wood floors? I can't wait to see!
It sounds like you had an equally hard time finding a ladder so that you could paint! I'm glad that no one's necks got broken! Good ol' Ken! saved the day again! (And possibly a couple lives!)
Wow! a 14 hour meeting?! What the heck for?!?!?!?!?!?! Was it a church meeting or work meeting? (I'm assuming church since it went until 10 pm!)
Well I can't believe your excuse for such a short letter. It only took me like 2 or 3 minutes to read....I think you'd be safe to double the length next time! (I'm just don't need to!)
Well we've been having a cockroach problem in the Hugoton apartment. We've found them in our sink, bathtub, couch, and on the floor. Its pretty nasty! So we called Sister Pfile about it and she said we needed to spray right away. So we got our place sprayed while we were in Ulysses but while we were there this weekend we found two more of them.....ALIVE! :/ We might be moving to a new apartment, we'll have to see.
Well....I appreciate you giving me more time to write but now someone is waiting for a computer so I gotta go.
Love ya!
Love Ben

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