Monday, August 2, 2010


Dear Family!
Well transfers have come and I guess I have remained forgotten because I'm staying here for another six least. There is a rumor around the mission that Kansas is cursed because it seems like if your called to Kansas you stay in Kansas for a while! I'm beginning to believe them! I'm really glad though. I love it here.
Elder Alonso is getting all of his packing done. We were supposed to leave for Garden City forty-five minutes ago but he's still not done packing.
So...We had a baptism! Yeah! 'N' got baptized on Sunday. Elder Alonso baptized her...(and his camera) Whoops! He is soaking...well, not soaking...but his camera is zipped up in a bag of rice in hopes that the moisture will be sucked out of it. It works for cell phones! The baptism was good. After Elder Alonso said the prayer though I think he slammed her into the water because she went down way fast! There was...well, it went a lot like this:
"Amen." Smack, big splash, out of the water, big gasp of air. (I thought maybe she'd got the wind knocked out of her!) It was great though. She was so excited to be baptized. And we were excited for her.
Well Sam, I finally got your letter and the 'Morning Toast'. I thought maybe it got lost in the mail, but it didn't. I did do some investigation as pertaining to the question you asked me in your last letter which was if you had written to me at all during the month of June. The answer which I arrived at was NO! Your last letter to me was written on May 30th. You skipped an entire month of writing! I guess I will forgive you this time. But just this once!
So Jeremiah is in culinary school huh? Wow, well from the sounds of that breakfast that he cooked while Carson was visiting it does sound like being a chef would be the only way he could survive! I wish he could cook me a big ole breakfast!
That is too funny about mom's magical ability to make fireworks go off! I can't believe it happened three times! I wish I could have seen that.
So mom, your the new system administrator now I hear! That is exciting!...and a little scary. I never thought I'd see the day (or hear about the day) when you and the computer got along. That is crazy! (How are you handling this whole situation, dad?)
I was so excited to finally get to hear the bathroom trap door story. I do remember mom or dad mentioning it. I can't believe that you didn't go in and explore. Maybe there was more than first met the eye. Oooooo! I can just see you trying to close it. That was funny. I can just see everyone in the restaurant sitting there eating and then they hear all these bangs and bumps from the bathroom. They were probably all thinking, "Is she O.K?...should we go help her?" or maybe their thought's were more along the lines of "Boy, what did she get to eat? I better skip that meal!"
Well Emma, I got your nine page letter! Holy flippin' cattle...(is that like saying Holy Hamburger?) That was a nice long letter/entry! I really enjoyed it. You gave lot's of detail. I felt like I had gone on a trek by the time I navigated through all nine pages!
So, the trek was harder than you thought it would be huh? It sounded way hard. It made me laugh when you were talking about how you forgot to bury your 'weapon of rebellion'. I think there might be some hidden meaning behind that! I enjoyed your story of how you got stuck in a port-a-potty! Will Jodie let you live that down? That's too funny about that kid that saw you but just passed by!
Man, I really enjoyed the part in your letter where you were explaining how all the girls pulled the hand carts up the hill. How you were all united in a cause together and how you learned that you can do hard things. You learned a lot of things during that trek that will help you the rest of your life. I know that because you learned truths. And I know that because I could feel the spirit testify truth to me as I read your letter.
I can't believe dad got a ton of water poured on him! That's too funny!
It sounds like you had a good b-day too. I'm glad. I have been wondering though...what exactly is a serger?
Now, what's this? My room is a what?! A craft room! Oh NO! What has happened to my studio?! Speaking of my studio...I was looking at my camera the other day and I pulled out the xd card for some reason and found some pictures that I had forgotten about on the internal memory. They are pictures from April of 2007! They're pics of me in my room playing my guitar and keyboard! Wow, that brought back some memories. It's O.K. though...I think I'll live!
Well, I'm with my new comp. His name is Elder Moser. He is tall, skinny, blond hair, from Vermont. (We lived about as far from each other as we could while still staying in the states!) He has been out for 5 months. He's cool...I think. (I don't really kinow him that well yet.) It's pretty scary being the only one who knows the area! That's O.K. He'll learn it quick.
Well, I have not had much time to write but I think I did it! Now I just have to get it off in time!
Have a great week!
Love you,
Love Ben
P.S. Elder Moser is learning Spanish, so now we're both learning together! Scary!

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