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August 2, 2010
Dear Family,
Man, I really can't believe it's August already! This whole mission thing is starting to go way too fast! The months feel like weeks! I need more time...actually I just need the time to not go so fast.
So, yesterday we went and taught a family. He is a police officer. He told us about a high speed chase he was involved in a few nights ago. His wife works in the emergency room at the hospital. They are a nice couple. They loved the message we shared and invited us to come back and they even told us they would fix dinner for us one of these days. We gave them a date for the 15th of August. Please keep them in your prayers.
Sadly we had to drop W about a week ago. She would not make the necessary changes in her life to be baptized. I can understand why it's so hard for her. I mean, the changes that she would need to make would put her in a very challenging position. But I also know, and we promised her, that she would never regret the decision to be baptized. We promised her that the Lord blesses and provides for those who keep his commandments. But she was not ready to take that step of faith.
I liked the cartoons in your letter mom! I agree with you, Mr Peanut is my favorite as well.
So how is your cartooning going Emma? I assume your planning on having a short cartoon produced and in theaters within a few months. Am I right? What kind of things are you learning?
Well, I'm still working on my Spanish. It's a long, slow process! It is slowly improving though. I should read out of the Spanish Book of Mormon every day. I was for about a week but then I stopped because I wasn't really understanding it. I should just stick with it though. It has started to sound more normal now I think that's a good sign.
Thanks for that scripture in 2 Timothy 2:24! I have learned a lot over the past two transfers as I have led. I am starting to see little improvements. Thanks mom and dad for all your advice. It has really helped me. I'm excited to keep learning this transfer. I will definitely keep studying and pondering D&C 121. There is a lot in those last few verses! In fact I think there's too much in there for me to master in the short time I have left on my mission. It's going to take me a while.
So how was your stay with grandma and grandpa Emma? Did you get to ride any horses? I need a picture of you with your boots and hat on while you're on a horse. That's classic you!
So, how was cub day camp mom? I do remember those. I remember one of my favorite parts about them was my lunch because you would always buy me those pudding cups! I loved those! What were you in charge of out there?
Oh, so tihs transfer we got super sad news. Starting this transfer Zone Conferences and interviews will be held quarterly. About once every two transfers instead of once a transfer. I was way sad about that. The good news is that transfers have been switched from Wednesday to Tuesday and so transfer p-days will be on Monday now. So now the only time I won't e-mail on Monday is when we have Zone Conference,,I think!
Wow mom...I think that is the L O N G E S T P.S. note I have ever seen! I do appreciate the advice though! I liked how she said to begin on your knees. It reminded me of the scripture in 2 Nephi 32:9 where it talks about praying so that what we are doing is consecrated unto us for our good. I do know that he can help me learn. I just need to have the faith and then work at it and he'll fill in my weaknesses.
Oh, I really liked that quote on happiness by William George Jordan. I loved the part where he said, "It is the gladness of the heart, rising superior to all conditions." It is all up to us. Happiness is a choice we can choose anytime, anywhere.
So yesterday...wait, no, on Saturday we drove back to Ulysses from Hugoton and when we got back we had a few minutes to go visit people. Right when we were coming into Ulysses the rain hit like not other! The windshield wipers were going full speed, we were only going 30mph and we could barely see! We got to the persons house that we were going to visit and we got out and we were soaked in less than 15 seconds. I'm not even joking. I was in a short sleeve white shirt. I must have looked like an idiot because Elder Moser happened to have a raincoat! The person we went to see wasn't there and so we got back into the car (soaking wet) and went to another persons house. The only place to park was on the curb and the streets were flooded. Elder Moser got the curb side so when he got out he stayed dry. Me, on the other hand, when I got out I stepped right into the puddle! Well, they weren't there either and so we headed back in our soaking clothes...well, mine were the only clothes that were soaking. We planned for the next day then I showered and went to bed! That rainstorm was so crazy. It took no time at all for the streets to flood! It was crazy! We only only splashed through a few puddles!
Oh, so yesterday a member called us and told us that they had a bunch of food that they wanted to give us! She gave us a big bag of frozedn food. She is our new favorite member! The only thing I had to buy this week was water. It was way nice. And we got the dinner calendar for the month of August and we are bing fed every single day! They love us!
Well, there are the updates from Elder Cryer in Ulysses, Kansas! I'm happy as ever....wouldn't want to be doing anything else.
Stay happy! Stay healthy! Stay safe! Stay Mormon!
Love you all!
Love Ben...A.K.A. Elder Cryer

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