Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A C, B, H, I, S, R, H, J , I, O of the O week!

August 30, 2010 e-mail
Dear Family,...............(and friends)
First things first.....I am SO SORRY that I forgot to send your letter last week! I was going through some stuff on my desk yesterday and guess what I found?!?!? I found the letter that I wrote to you last P-day all folded up, slipped into an envelope that was addressed to you with a stamp on it! I just forgot to put it in the mailbox! Please forgive me! I guess you'll be getting two letters from me this week!
Well, it has been a crazy, busy, hectic, insane, stressful, rewarding, heartbreaking, joyful, intense, out of the ordinary week.
Hmmm. That pretty much sums it up. I guess I'll close there.
Love you
Love Ben

Just Joking!!! But seriously....I barely know where to begin. I guess I'll begin by saying that all this crazy, busy, hectic, insane, stressful, rewarding, heartbreaking, joyful, intense, out of the ordinary stuff was to due to a baptism! So it was all worth it in the end. :) This girl that got baptized is a girl that we've been working with for only a couple weeks. She got baptized last Saturday (Aug 28th) and got confirmed on Sunday (Aug 29th)! It was a long rough road but she pushed through and made it. It was awesome to be a part of. It helped me see, in an even greater light, that we have the strength to do Anything when we're doing it with and for God. If she had been doing it alone....without her testimony that this was what God wanted her to do....then I don't think she could have made it. The adversary was pushing too hard against her. But because she had a testimony that this gospel was the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ it didn't matter how hard the adversary pushed, it didn't matter how dark or bleak it got, it didn't matter how lonely the road appeared at first....her mind was set and her faith was strong. She put all of her trust in her Savior and took it step by step. Now that she has been baptized and confirmed (has entered in by the gate) that road that was once disguised by darkness and loneliness has been illuminated to reveal the light of Christ, true and lasting happiness, a new hope for the future, peace, comfort, friendship and love. It was such a blessing to be able to struggle through with her until this point where she has embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is true. I love it.
As for the rest of the week....it was good!
Hey...it just got better! Your e-mail just came in! SWEET!
That breakfast does look pretty dang good! You should try packaging up a waffle and sending it to me! (Ummmm...on second thought, maybe you shouldn't!)
So the hedge just got a haircut huh? Hey, me too! We went downtown here in Ulysses (if you can even call it downtown...its only one street!) to a place called "Hair Connection" which is owned by a member and she cut our hair for free and then we helped her clean up some stuff in her shop. I am very proud to say that I have not payed for one single hair cut since I left. I have either gotten it cut for free or buzzed it myself! I hope I can keep that record going!
Isn't it crazy that summer is coming to an end already!?!?? Summer always goes so fast! I don't know if I'm ready for another winter yet! I WAY prefer the summer. :) You want to hear something funny? A couple weeks ago it went from being 105 degrees one day to being 80 degrees the next. Now...that's not the funny part...the funny part is that 80 degrees felt a little bit nippy! Not cold enough for a coat of course, but still! Me and Elder Moser were like...."Oh wow....that's bad when 80 degrees feels cool!
Well I am so glad to hear that Chris is doing well and that they caught it early! She is in my prayers morning and night. (As is the rest of the Mason family). Thanks for informing me and keeping me updated! :) Tell them that I'm sorry that I haven't written a formal letter to them in a while.....but tell them that if its any consolation I didn't even send my family a letter last week!
Oh, yes....I did finally receive Brother Rowberry's letter. The mail gets way slowed down when it comes through the mission office. It took about two weeks to get to me! Its weird because sometimes it takes two weeks and other times it takes only about four to five days. I don't understand the system I guess!
Well....tonight we're heading down to Liberal to do team ups with Elder Murphy and Elder Camarillo. Elder Murphy is our district leader. We'll head back to Ulysses on Wednesday evening probably. Its going to be weird serving in Liberal because its a decent sized town! I've found that I prefer to serve in the smaller towns. I don't exactly know why....but I do!
Well....we had a recent convert fireside last night. It was SO good! Do you ever do those in our stake dad? I don't remember ever hearing about one. I've been to two so far on my mission and they are amazing! Last night we had one of the priests drive us over to Garden City for the fireside. We had two recent converts there and a few members from our ward and then there were lots of other people from the surrounding areas in the stake. It was a very uplifting meeting and the spirit was so strong. Unfortunately we weren't able to get our two most recent converts there but there's going to be another fireside next month and they both said they'll come to that one. I hope they do come. They would love it!
Well I have to wrap up. Sorry again for no letter last week. (Even though I did write one!) I wont forget to send it this week!
Love you all
Love Elder Cryer.

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