Tuesday, August 3, 2010


August 2, 2010
Dear Familia!
Well this has been an exhausting week! Its always crazy trying to get someone updated on the area. I've been introducing Elder Moser to the members and to our investigators and to some of the less active and part member families. Its been keeping us busy.
Elder Moser is a cool missionary. He is from Vermont. He is number 7 or 8 of 13 kids! Yeah....big family huh!!! He has been out for about six months. Of course....he spent three of those months learning Spanish in the MTC. Oh yeah, he was called on a Spanish speaking mission. He's trying to help me with my Spanish. Its nice because he speaks a lot slower than Elder Alonso did and so its easier to understand him and follow along when he's teaching.
Hey...GOOD NEWS!!!!! "N" got confirmed yesterday! It took some work because the adversary put a lot of things in her way but it all went through and was awesome. She came up to us later and thanked us for being so persistent with her. She told us she was glad that she didn't have to go another week without the Holy Ghost. We went over to her home later that evening and you really could feel and see a difference in her and in her home. When we got there she was reading the Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book. She was so excited to tell us what she was learning! It was so neat to see. God works miracles! I have no doubt in my mind that he does! Its awesome!
I am so glad that I made the decision to serve a mission. I couldn't have done anything else for these two years that would have come close to helping me learn, grow, and appreciate more than my mission has!
We went out to the Stake Presidents house again to eat on Sunday and his son gave us a ride back to town in his '67 Mustang! (The last one was his sons brothers '66 Mustang.) It was so cool. I wouldn't mind one of those waiting for me when I get back! I prefer the '66 to the '67 just so you know!!!
Oh.....look what just came in! An e-mail from home!!! :) Well hey there!
I do have to agree with you dad on the fact that popcorn and hot chocolate would never be found in the desert section of a menu (No matter where you go) however, popcorn does sound pretty good right now! Oh man....we went out to this Mexican restaurant (The only type of food Elder Alonso would eat...lets just say that I've gotten used to it!) and we had their sopapilla desert. Oh my goodness it was heaven-like! Its like this fried batter thing with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. It is so good! Now that is what I call desert!
Well I'm glad that I haven't been forgotten in Eugene Oregon! Tell the Criddles, Pres Peterson, Sister Hall, Carol, Jeff Rowberry, the Masons, Danica, and Sister Yanez, (and anyone else) that it's great that their asking about me but where are all the letters?!?!?!?! No, tell them what you've already told them! I'm great and I appreciate them asking about me! :) I really do.
Well it sounds like you had an amazing Saturday!....O.K. maybe not that amazing! At least the lawns mowed and the cars are clean! Have you done much kayaking since I left?
Well I'm excited to see "The Sorcerers Apprentice" in a year and a few months! Speaking of movies...we were riding past the one screen movie theater that Ulysses has and I saw a poster for the Karate Kid. Is that out yet? I remember them talking about that movie on the radio like a year ago and I was so excited to see it. And now I have to wait another year or so! Have you seen it? Is it any good? (Not that it really matters to me!....whether its good or not I wont be watching it anytime soon!)
Tell Ted congrats on his mission call to Japan. That will be an adventure! Is it the same mission that Brother Rowberry served in?
I cant wait to see L.C. all bumpered up! Hopefully it will go on without to much of a hassle! I'll be excited to see the finished product! I mean...its only been like 5 years since the accident right?!?!? ;)
Well....I better get running.
Have a great day, and a great week!
Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you all a ton!
Love Ben

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