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February 8, 2011 e-mail
Well hello! is Tuesday, not Monday. No...I did not forget to e-mail yesterday! We had our Zone Conference yesterday in Garden City. was such a good Zone Conference. I learned a ton of stuff that will really help me become a better teacher. I took tons of notes. I'll have to tell you all about it.
Speaking of mission stuff...Carson has still not told me where or when he's going. I am still in the dark. He's probably doing that on purpose but I really want to know. :)
So you were right. I didn't get your e-mail last week. But I guess that's fine because I got two this week!
That's nice that you were able to see grandma and grandpa for a little bit. That's not so good that grandpa got sick. That's no fun. I think that I may have gotten some mild food poisoning a little while back. Nothing horrible, I just didn't feel too hot for a couple days. Luckily it didn't last long.
Thanks for the jokes. A few of them are pretty "groan" worthy, but a few of them actually got me to laugh. I enjoyed them. :)
The pictures were great too! It looks like you had a fun time in Seattle. That's a cool place. I'm looking forward to going back there. If it doesn't overlap the time of the cruise I want to go to my usual Tran Siberian Orchestra concert!
That's neat that you were able to go to the temple there. I have never been there. At least, I don't remember ever going there.
Elder Smith just hit his year mark a few weeks back and so he'll be going to the Denver temple on Thursday. He'll be traveling on Wednesday and wont get back until Friday in the later afternoon. President asked me if I'd be alright just staying by myself for those few days in Ulysses. I told him that would be fine.... O.K. maybe not. :) I'll actually be going to Holly for those few days and will be serving with Elder Dayley. Elder Dayleys uncle was the bishop in Calhan when I was serving there. And Elder Dayley was trained by my trainer (Elder Oakes) the transfer that I left. So we are brothers as far as the mission is concerned. So I'm really looking forward to it. Elder Dayley is a really cool guy.
So I sent home my picture card last week. I hope that it got to you alright. Just let me know when you get it!
I did attach some pictures for you as well. Don't ask about the deer leg. It was just completely random and so I had to take a picture! I also put a picture of the zone at our Zone Conference yesterday. Then I thought you might like to know who I'll be on team ups with.
It is snowing pretty hard right now. Im not sure how much we'll get but they're saying that it should snow tomorrow as well.
I have an awesome miracle to tell you about. I'll share it in my letter though because I'm out of time. But there's somthing to look forward to!
Love you all a ton,
Love Elder Cryer

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