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February 14, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Today is Valentines day...which doesn't mean a thing to me. But in case it means something to someone then...Happy Valentines Day!!!
We just got done cleaning the apartment. It feels nice and clean now. As I was cleaning I was so grateful for being raised in a clean home and for parents who taught me how to be clean. Thanks mom and dad!
Well, I have six double sided pages of letters to respond to. I guess I better get started!
Seattle sounds like a fun trip. Sounds like quite the hotel you stayed in. The pool was on the 28th floor?! How many floors were there? There is definately a lot to do in Seattle. I know in my few times there I only skimmed the surface! Is it true that there is a restaurant up in the Space Needle?
Ken sounds like a cool guy. That's a pretty dang good memory! I could never do that.
Those pictures of Sam and Emma are fun. Why didn't you get one drawn mom and dad? That's O.K. Emma could probably do just as good!
Dang it. So I have to get two more shots. I hate shots. Well, I guess if I have to then I'll go get em.
I really enjoyed you sharing Emma's FHE lesson with me. It was neat to read those different experiences where you saw the Holy Ghost working in your life. What made it even more interesting was that I've had some neat experiences with it lately as well. I'll share them with you.
While Elder Smith was at the temple and I was in Holly with Elder Dayley we went out tracting in a town called Granada. As we entered the town Elder Dayley turned to me and said, "Tell me what street we need to tract." So I looked down each of the streets as we drove by. As we drove past Elm Street I could feel that we needed to tract that street. So I told Elder Dayley and then we began tracting. After knocking on just a couple doors we met a lady. As we talked to her she invited us in and proceeded to tell us how the missionaries used to stop by and teach and then they just stopped coming one week and had never been back until we came. She also told us that her husband was going through some hard health issures. We talked about the Book of Mormon and shared a spiritual thought. When we left she thanked us and asked us to come back. I know that she was the reason we needed to tract that street.
Another similar thing happened to Elder Smith and I the day after he came back from the temple. We were in Hugoton trying to decide where we would tract that day. We felt inspired to drive out to Rolla, which is about 20 miles away. When we got there we stopped on Adams STreet and started tracting. After a few blocks we knocked on a door and a lady answered the door. Elder Smith told her that we were sharing a message that blessed families. A message about how Jesus Christ has restored his gospel in these days through a living prophet.
She said, "Oh, I'm Catholic."
Then we said, "That's great. We definately promise you that this is a message for everyone and will bless you and your family."
After a small pause she said, "I smoke. Do you mind?"
We told her we didn't mind and she let us in. When we got in she invited her husband and two step daughters to sit in on the lesson. The husband agreed. We taught about the restoration. We got to the part about Joseph Smith and we read James 1:5. We asked her what she would do after reading this if she were Joseph Smith.
She said, "Well, I would go seek truth." Then she shocked us both by saying, "Was Joseph a prophet?" (Tell me she wasn't in tune with the spirit there!)
We told her that yes, he was and we shared the first vision with her...well, with them. Afterwards we testified and asked if they would be baptized. The husband quickly said no. He told us that he had no problem with us but he wasn't interested in changing. Then the wife looked up at us and said, "I want to do it." The husband looked a little surprised but then told us he was fine letting her do what she wanted to do. We taught this lesson on the 12th of Feb. We've been told by the Mission President to extend dates three Sundays out, unless the spirit directs otherwise. Well, three weeks would have been the 27th but I felt strongly impressed to extend the 6th of March to her. So I did. Well, come to find out she wouldn't be able to make it to church on the 13th but she could make the other weeks so it worked out perfectly. Also when we extended the 6th for baptism she asked us what time it would be. We told her she could choose. She chose to do it a 3:00. We usually do them right after church at 12:30 or 1:00 but then later when we were talking to our district leader he said, "Wow, that's interesting that she chose that time because we have Stake Conference on the 6th. So that will give you time to drive back from Garden City to Hugoton." How cool it that! The spirit directed everything there. I love the spirit. We're going to take her on a church tour this Wednesday with some members that live in Rolla. I'm excited.
So those are a couple cool experiences with the spirit that I've had recently.
Well Emma, I showed Elder Smith your drawing of Ken. He like it. He said, "Dang, she's good!" And I must say that I agree! Very impressive.
Well, I love you all a ton. I hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Cryer

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  1. hello my name is kelsey parker.
    lillian and arthur hibbert are my great grandparents and eric is like my great great uncle so i just thought i would come onto your website and see the rest of my family, seen as though your all somehow related to me :)