Friday, February 18, 2011


February 14, 2011 e-mail
Hey everybody!
Well dad...I was extremely sorry to hear about your brutal loss at sorry. You have my deepest sympathies. I'm sure you would have won if they hadn't cheated. ;)
Thanks for the update on the Masons. I'm glad that they're doing good. I can't wait to see that family again! I can just picture Carson standing in the middle of the store while verbally releasing his disgust of dumb customers! That's....well, that's Carson! I still remember the time they took me in that huge walk in freezer at Cash and Carry. I bet Carson and Jodi remember that. I did get a nice long letter from mom but I don't remember seeing anything that mentioned where Carson is going. I'm pretty sure I would have seen it if it were there. Either its in a letter that I haven't gotten or it was a forgotten detail. The most recent letter I got was the package...which by the way, thanks a TON!!! I have actually been craving peanut M&Ms for a while now and just never got any!!!! It was an awesome treat. But yeah, I'm still dying to know where he got called to.
Now, more on the package....I always love watching the videos that you load onto the card. It looks like my sisters are still just as crazy as ever! I was impressed with those dancing moves to the Owl City song "Hello Seattle". I heard that song at a Sonic one day. Good song. By the way...have you ever heard of Sonic? I had never heard of it until I came out here and I didn't know if they have them on the west coast. Its basically just a drive in fast food restaurant. Anyways...nice moves! And I have to say that that was some of the finest head bobbing that I have ever seen dad. That takes true talent.
So you finally got to see the new Harry Potter movie. Was it worse than all the others so far? I guess I didn't miss a whole lot then. That's O.K. I haven't been going through withdrawals at all. I really haven't missed watching movies too much. Now music is another story but I'm doing good! I have to say that "mission music" (A.K.A. the same music over and over and over and over and over again does get a little old. But there's just enough variety to keep me from going completely insane!).
Speaking of movies (No I haven't watched any movies...I was just reminded because of our Friday pizza and movie nights) Me and Elder Smith were given some frozen pizza dough and so we made a chicken, bacon, BBQ pizza. It was really good. I will never get tired of pizza. It is awesome!
So yesterday the temp got up to 81 degrees. Not bad considering it was negative thirty four a few days ago! Its supposed to be nice all week we hear..and then get nasty again. Yippee!!! Not. I would be perfectly fine if it just stayed nice from this point on.
So transfers comes up next week. I've been asking a bunch of people what their predictions for me are. Everyone has said something along these lines. "Just give up...your never leaving here." and "You'll be here until you go home." and "If I were you I would just have my records transferred out here." So, according to "everybody" I'm staying. I really don't know. At this point it can go either way. I'll be interested to see what happens with me.
So I have another cool miracle to tell you about but again I'm out of time. So I will fill you in in my next letter.
Thanks again for the package and for everything!
Love each of you!
Love Elder Cryer

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