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January 31, 2011 e-mail
Well hello again!
So have you gotten my most recent letter yet? Sorry that I was so late in sending it out. I wasn't late in writing it I just forgot to send it until Thursday. Don't ask me why! :)
To answer your question. Yes, I did get my picture card...thanks! I should be sending my other one back pretty quick here.
So, on Friday and Saturday it was beautiful! We had 70 - 80 degree weather. Guess what we have today. It is currently 21 degrees and we're expecting snow. This evening and tomorrow they're saying that we're expecting wind chills of anywhere between about negative 15 and negative 25 degrees! All I can say about that is "DANG THAT'S FLIPPIN COLD!!!!!" I don't know that we'll be doing much tracting if it really is that cold. We'll just have to do little bits here and there so we don't get too cold! You mentioned in your letter that you've been having some nice weather. Is it still around?
Oh, speaking of weather. Someone told me that Seattle Washington had a bunch of flooding. Like three to four feet of standing water through the city. Is that true? That's a lot of rain!
So the Dews gave us a coupon to Pizza Hut a few days ago. It was for a free medium two topping pizza and breadsticks. We asked if we could have cheese on the breadsticks and she said yes. Well I guess that it cost to get the cheese on them and so she gave us the coupon back! So then a couple days later when we were in Hugoton we went to Pizza Hut again with an investigator. The lady there let us have a free salad too! Well, by now I am sick of Pizza Hut....and then we find out that our dinner appointment the next day is taking us to!!!.......PIZZA HUT!!! Dang it! So I am officially sick of Pizza Hut now! :)
So it sounds like those new windows are treating everybody pretty well! I bet they do look nice.
Me and Elder Smith took some time this morning to do a little deep cleaning. We went through all our cupboards and threw away all the food that we will never eat. We also threw away some food in the refrigerator. Then we swept and wiped stuff down and it looks great!
So how was your visit with grandpa and grandma? Did they end up coming down on Thursday? How long did they stay? I hope they are still doing good!
So we just found out that on the 10th of February Elder Smith will be going on his Temple Jubilee. So I'm thinking that on the 10th and 11th I'll probably be in Garden City working with the Zone Leaders. At least, that's what Elder Moser did when I went on Jubilee. So that should be fun. Our zone leaders are really great missionaries. They like to have fun, they're not power hungry, and they know how to work! They're cool.
So we're teaching a couple people right now. Two of them only speak Spanish! (I may have told you this already) It doesn't make any sense that two Elders that don't speak Spanish are teaching people that only speak Spanish but...we do what we have to do! It's nice because it forces us to take a member. (Because we need someone to translate!) So its actually worked out pretty well. We're making some good progress with them which is nice. We are going to be going out to a lot of the surrounding towns this week to try to find more people to teach. Because just like it says in PMG..."nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach." So the more people we're teaching, the more stuff will be happening...which is what we want.
Well its time for me to run. It doesn't look like your e-mails come through yet so I'll get it next week.
Take care!!! Love you all
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. I'll try to remember to actually send my letter when I'm done writing it this time! :)

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