Tuesday, February 1, 2011


January 24, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
I'm sorry for that unintended dirty trick about transfers! By the end of the e-mail I totally forgot that I forgot to tell you where I was! It's a good thing that I remembered that second e-mail!
So, Sam, how are you enjoying your slightly easier schedule? Is math going good? What exactly did you mean whe you said you are focusing on your writing? Do you have any new projects or are you still working on Charlie Pool? Is that almost publishable? I love hearing the stories you tell about the kids at school. Kids are so random? They crack me up? And they're blunt and straight to the point.
So how long have you been Relief Society President? I bet you do a great job. You are a very patient, compassionate person. Much more than I am?
Iam amazed at your goal to read the entire standard works in one year...in two languages. Wow! That is quite the goal. I wish you luck.
Well Emma, I was sorry to hear that you weren't feeling good a few days ago. That's awesome that you were able to experience that priesthood blessing though. It really is an amazing thing. I'm grateful for the priesthood too.
In our Ulysses Ward Conference we talked a lot about D&C 93:40. "But I have commanded you to bring up your children in light and truth." I am so grateful for parents that have done that for us, aren't you? You, Sam and I are pretty darn lucky.
Well, the reason that I started my last letter with'familia' was just to switch things up a little. I'm doing horrible with Spanish right now. Since my companion is English speaking we get no time to study it.
Well, what do I have to tell. We went to have dinner with a part member family a few days ago. We asked if there was anything we could do to help them. The non-member husband said that he needed help putting up plywood under their covered deck out back. We said we'd love to help. We could tell by his reaction that he wasn't expecting us to help. He looked shocked and said, "Really? For real, you'd help?"
Finally we convinced him that we weren't joking and we went and helped him for about an hour. It was really nice to do some hands on work for a change. It reminded me of all the projects that we did, dad. Good ole' Bob & Bill Dur. Good times.....
January 28, 2011
Dagn it! I keep writing these letters and then forgetting to send them. Don't ask me why. It makes no sense. I'm way sorry. I'll try to do better!
Love you!
Love Elder Cryer

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