Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Email date April 27, 2015 Well, ...I didn't remember about Sarah, but I believe that you told me. I will try to be more diligent in my study of your weekly emails to me. My apologies oh fatherly one :) Well, ok, let me do the ice cream test first. If those are the original sized of the cones then starting from the left you would have Sam, then dad, then mom. Well,, then Sam, then mom? I can't decide if Sam's would be smaller or bigger. I know she likes ice cream. No, I am going with my original guess. Sam, then Dad then Mom. Those apple things look amazing mom! Wow!!! How about sending one of those to me in the mail? I wouldn't say no ;) Sam, y'all look so great with yo tassel!!! ahaha! Seriously though, I am so proud of you! You rock this whole world! I am about to tip out of my chair it's rocking so much. Hey, so in my letter I asked about Ben and Alisa, but I got those questions answered with the letter that I just got from you today Sam :) Going to Portland for a while huh? That's so cool! And Ben getting hit by a car...not so cool but the stunt he pulled off is pretty sweet. Real Live Super Hero right here! Crazy! Those skills that he attained and sharpened on the biking trips with the scouts are paying off it looks like. Well, I am sorry this is such a lame email! I guess, some almost news is that we might be able to go see a show this week :) We have an investigator, Mary, that we want to try and get her kids involved in the lessons. Right now they are not involved at all. We are going off of faith that she even has kids at all! We haven't so much as seen their toes let alone their faces. Any way, we thought that we might be able to coax them into view if we took them to a show :) So we will let you know how that goes :D Other than that, we get transfer calls this weekend! Would you believe it!!! I actually do find that very hard to believe. This transfer has flown by! Me and Sister Moreno are both praying that we stay, so, fingers crossed. Well, Have an awesome week! Hopefully my letter is better than this email lol. Love you all! Sister Cryer

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