Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Email dated April 20, 2015 O.K., first of all NO ONE TOLD ME SARAH WAS PREGNANT!!!! WHAT THE WHAT! Tell her congrats from Sister Cryer! Now, I can tell you about the week :) Let me start with something that happened on Saturday. So me and Sister Moreno were in the car driving to our next appointment when we got a phone call from Brother Brett asking us to speak in sacrament meeting for 15 minutes each tomorrow on two talks from general conference. ...great! haha! We had literally no time to prepare because we didn't have any way to get a hold of the talks until Sunday morning and then we were literally in meetings until the sacrament meeting started! So we got about 10-15 minutes total from prep time and then up we went and delivered our talks. I spoke first and the first thing I told the congregation was that if they weren't prepared to learn from the spirit then they wouldn't get anything out of my talk! I literally had no direction or idea of what I would talk about. I had a bunch of disjointed thoughts and I just prayed to Heavenly Father to please let the spirit guide what I said and cover my mistakes and unpreparedness. I honestly can't remember what I said! I remember that I read D&C 6:33-37 and it actually managed so sum up everything that I had talked about so far and connect it all together which was super cool. I definitely thanked Heavenly Father for that one! Any way, I had some people come up to me afterwards and tell me that they enjoyed my talk and felt the spirit, so: prayer answered! We went to a Relief Society activity on Saturday. They were talking about gardening. And they started out by talking about having your own worm beds. ...YOUR OWN WHAT?! That's right, worm beds. I guess it's a thing out here to have buckets of dirt in your showers and have worms in there and feed them and stuff so that they make you bucket of dirt really nice and then you can use it for fertilizer and stuff. So yeah, that happened. Haha! Me and Sister Moreno were sitting there and we just kept looking at each other and laughing. "where are we?!" lol Any way, maybe you can have a worm bed this year mom! If you want details let me know, I can get em' to ya! ;) So we had a miracle on Monday :) Monday was a bit hectic and we didn't end up having time for dinner before we were off for FHE with YSA and then over to the Meyers house for an AML. We were SO hungry. When we got into the Meyers house though the first thing they asked us was if we had eaten and were we hungry. I love them. As we were dishing up dinner Sister Meyers said that she hadn't been sure if she was feeding us tonight or not. She thought she had signed up for the 20th (which she had. We are having dinner there again tonight) but the alarm on her phone to feed the missionaries had gone off that afternoon for some reason! Well, that might look pretty small to some people, but I took that as a miracle. Heavenly Father knew we would be hungry and he wasn't about to let that happen! Thanks! It was pretty cool. Sooooooooo we got some exciting things coming up hopefully. We might be having the Because He Lives video shown in the Hughes show!!! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?! We were talking to Sister Hughes about it and she arranged for us to show the video to her staff. So we went in and showed it to them on Thursday and they LOVED it and they said they thought it would be great in the show! We are excited to see what happens but we are hoping and praying that it works out :) ...This email seems really short but I honestly am not sure what else to write about. I think I put the other stuff in my letter to y'all. Yes, I can guarantee that you will have a letter this week :) I am also sending my picture card home with it, so it will all be in a little yellow padded package. I am sending the card in the little plastic thingy... so if you could send it back in that when you do send it back that would be pretty great :) Well, I think that's about all I got. Mom, you asked if I needed anything. I don't think so. I think I am doing pretty good. Thanks though! :D I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! Sister Cryer PS Here is a pic of me and Sister Moreno after raking leaves for 2 and a half hours Us with our little prize balls :) Good times in Branson!

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