Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello family!!! Woohoo Sam!!! Way to be! I bet you are super happy that school is over and done with :) You rock! Way to stick it out to the end! So this week has been good :) We were basically focusing on trying to meet the members this past week, so we were doing a lot of AML's. So on Tuesday we had a bit of an adventure. ...well actually Tuesday itself was just kind of an adventure. We had a beautiful day all planned out, and almost nothing went according to plan! haha, but ya know what? Change is ok. :) So one of the adventures happened when we stopped by to try and see Sister Hughes. She wasn't home so we just left a bunch of sticky notes and candy taped to her door to thank her for feeding us dinner on our first Sunday and to wish her a slightly late but happy easter. So we did that and then we went next door to the neighbors house to try and follow up with the lady who lives there to see if she had watched the Because He Lives video. She wasn't home though so we got in the car and started to drive away. After about a minute of driving though Sister Moreno pulled off the road and turned around and said that we needed to go back and tract a house. So back we went. We parked in front of the house that we had just tried to do some follow up at and then walked to the house across the street to knock on the door. No one was home. ...ok... So we left a card in the door and then decided to go to the next house over to follow up with that family (we had shown them the video when we had dinner with Sister Hughes) and see how they were doing etc, etc. No one was home there either though, so we started to walk back to the car. As we're walking up the driveway we suddenly hear a very loud house alarm start to go off! That's not good. The alarm was coming from the house that we had parked in front of (of course. perfect) and as we looked across the road at the house we saw that the front double doors were wide open. Great. We are the only ones on this stupid street, a house just got burgled and our car is parked right outside the house! Awesome! Well, we weren't about to move, so we just stood there in the sun (it was HOT), called 911 and then waited for about 20-25 minutes for the cops to show up. When they finally did arrive...we left. Yeah. Kind of anticlimactic. Sorry about that. As we drove away though we wondered what the heck was the point of us going back there just to get stuck in a drive way in the blazing sun to not really witness a burglary. There must have been a point, because Heavenly Father told us to go back. We just don't really know what it is. Any thoughts? lol So that was a fun Tuesday :) Thursday our dinner forgot about us. haha! That was fun. We were freaking out because we thought maybe we had told them to meet us somewhere and we had forgotten about it so we were driving between church building and restaurant like crazy trying to find our peeps, only to find out that they were the one's who had forgotten about us. So that was fun. Sunday was really good. Well, let me rephrase that. Sunday was crazy, but we were able to meet with Bishop Mahoney (of the Branson West ward) and he gave both me and Sister Moreno a priesthood blessing which was very much needed. I felt the spirit so strongly when he was giving me my blessing! The priesthood is so real and I am so thankful for it! Have an awesome week y'all! I will send you something in the mail today I promise! Even if it is just a one liner (no worries, I will make sure it is at least better than that!) you will get something in the mail from me :) Love you all! Sister Cryer

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