Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Letter Dated 13 April 2015 Dear Family, I'm writing a letter! Aren't you proud? You should be. So lets see...what can I tell you about this week...? I already told you about the house alarm going off, that was fun. O.K. so on Saturday we did some weekly planning stuff. Meaning we were calling everyone and their dog trying to set up appointments for the week. And that's what we did ALL DAY! Good times. We were going stir crazy by the end! I actually started laughing uncontrollably while leaving a message for one of the sisters in the West ward and finally had to hand the phone off to Sister Moreno! I actually talked to the sister on Sunday. She came up to me and said that she had LOVED the message we left her. "These are my kind of girls, I said to myself." Thank goodness! Anyway, so lots of phone calls. We were trying to get something set up for that night because Sister Shumway was going to be on exchanges with Sister Moreno. (I was going to a baptism in Springfield. More on that later.) Anyway, so we were desperate for SOMETHING (besides tracting) to do with Sister Shumway. After I don't know how many phone calls and everything that we had planned falling though, we finally decided that we were not in line with Heavenly Father. We stopped, took a look at all our options, and then we offered a prayer asking Heavenly Father very specifically what He wanted us to do. After the prayer Sister Moreno had a name come to mind. One phone call later we had an appointment set. It's AMAZING what being in line with God's will can do for you! Prayer is so powerful. So yes, I went to a baptism in Springfield. Did I tell y'all about Kaylynns friend, Michael? Well, anyway it was his baptism. It was so amazing to see him get baptized! Absolutely amazing! When I first met him, and even after teaching him for a bit, I did not think he would get baptized! I am so glad that it's the spirits job to convert, not mine! Anyway, it was so great to see everyone again! Me and Sister Ratto had a good talk/laugh. I swear, we can't be together for more than a minute or two without laughing. Seriously though, within five minutes of me sitting down next to her at the baptism we were laughing about something (specifically a sound like a bomb going off coming from the bathroom). Bishop, sitting behind us, leaned forward and said, "Don't start." Haha! All three of us were ALWAYS laughing at something in meetings. It was great to see Bishop too! We had a good talk. I sure miss him! He is amazing. We met an awesome lady on Friday. She is a less active named Karen. She is a hoot! An absolute crazy lady. This is the note that was left on her teaching record..."LOVES missionaries BUT CALL FIRST!!!! She has guns. lol" She is way fun though and boy does she love missionaries! I wasn't too sure about her at first. She wasn't too sure about me either though! I am totally in her good books now though because I passed the test. When I walked into her house through the back door (we had met her in her garden) there was a stuffed wolf holding a baby in it's mouth by an arm. I saw it, said, "What the heck?", and then started laughing. After that me and Karen were tight. She really is such a sweet lady though! We said a prayer with her and she was crying by the end of it and thanked us for coming over. We were so glad that we had made it over, because we hadn't thought we would be able to. Well, I think that's about it. I hope y'all have an amazing week! I sure love ya! Sister Cryer

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