Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hello dearest family! So just FYI, I am DYING to hear your news Sam! I think your letter with that nugget of awesome info must have gone to my old address in Springfield :'( Did you send it to that address or did you send it to the mission office or to my new one? Any way, me and Sister Moreno are still having a blast! Conference was AMAZING! There was so much good stuff said! I received some personal revelation for sure on some things that I can do better and things that I need to work on. I especially loved President Uchtdorf's talk about grace. That Blew My Mind. So good. We were able to watch three of the four sessions with members in the ward which was really good because we are still trying to get to know all the members. That is going to be our focus this week. We are going to try and meet all the members. That is our goal. Any way, what can I tell you about the week?... So there is a family in the ward that me and Sister Moreno absolutely LOVE. Brother and Sister Olave. They have three little girls, Emma, Cloey, Maddy, and a little baby boy named...oh dear. I can't remember their baby's name! Any way, they are the cutest, sweetest little family! We had dinner with them last Monday and we immediately fell in love with them. They dropped off an Easter basket for us on Saturday night. :) Yeah, we love them! To thank them for the basket we went and sticky noted their door yesterday morning before the first session of conference. We had so much fun writing dumb little jokes (like: why did the bunny cross the road? To hop... Yup. That was the joke. We laughed so hard!) Ok so funny story with the Olave's. They live super close to us, so we walked over there to give them a thank you note for feeding us dinner. While we were there we asked Brother Olave if he could help us find some addresses. While we were at the table looking up addresses it started raining. Like, hard core rain. Brother Olave looked up and then looked at us and asked, "Did you drive here?" Me and Sister Moreno looked at each other and then at Brother Olave and said, "We walked." Our statement was accompanied by a sudden flash of lightning and a clap of thunder. Of course. All three of us started laughing at the craziness of this situation! They ended up giving us a ride back to our apartment, bless their souls. I have never seen so much rain! I have this image of Brother Olave standing in shorts and a hoodie with the hood up and holding his baby carrier with a waterfall from the overhang cascading down behind him. I wish I had gotten a picture! On Thursday we had dinner with the Dyers. George has a show in Branson that he does. You would actually probably really like him dad. He does opera I think. Any way, that family is so cool! We had a blast with them :) They had the skinniest cat I have ever seen in my life. It was SO skinny. Kind of creepy in a way, but it was a sweet little cat. Probably going to kick the bucket over pretty soon though. On Friday we had a zone training meeting. We went to Springfield for it so I got to see Sister Ratto and my old zone leaders Elder Rutter and Elder Peventy and everyone. It was SO fun! :) As far as spiritual experiences this week, nothing too mind blowing (Well, conference was amazing of course). There is an older man in our apartment complex though that me and Sister Moreno both feel that we are supposed to help. He is going through a divorce and we keep running into him randomly! It's interesting to see Heavenly Father placing him in our path so that we can bring him to the gospel. I think that's it for me this week :) Hope your having an awesome week y'all! Love you! Sister Cryer

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