Friday, June 26, 2015


June 24, 2015 email Hello family :D Did you get pics from an Elder Hess this week??? He said he would send them, so if he didn't I'll have to get onto him. Any way, stuff about the week :) ...we got a flash flood warning on Thursday night :) That was exciting. We didn't have any problems but apparently there were some houses and roads and stuff that did get flooded. There has been a lot of rain lately. It's probably my fault, being from Oregon and all. ;) We had an exchange with Sister Hughes the other day. That was good times. The first house we went to go visit we ended up getting stuck in the drive way (because we were in a stick shift and the drive way was super steep) and we had to call Andy Hughes to come and get us out of that jam! haha That was fun. It was totally worth it though because he had cinnamon bears in his car and he shared them with us. Then the next house we went to we couldn't find. We stopped to ask a guy sitting outside for directions and he actually knew Kristina Hughes! So we got to talk to him for a while and it was really cool! We asked him if he would like to learn more about the church and he didn't seem too sure, but he said that we could come by any time and that he had really enjoyed talking to us :) So, it was a positive experience at the very least :) Sunday, was FATHERS DAY! I'm glad that you liked your note dad :) We actually got to spend Fathers Day at the Bretts house with their family. It was really fun. There were lots of people there so it kind of reminded me of our family reunions only on a smaller scale. There was lots of talking and laughing and they even broke out the lap top to watch a funny music video (kind of like we would do some evenings after dinner) and they all just busted up laughing watching this thing. I didn't watch it, just for the record, but I couldn't help hearing it, and I was dying laughing as well just listening, so I can only imagine how funny the full effect would be! Today has been nice. Not much to say though. We basically just stayed in and wrote letters. We did rearrange the living room though! Now we will have a table when we do our weekly planning instead of just being on the floor so that will be nice :) Well, I honestly think that is about all my news for right now...not very exciting I know, BUT I do have a letter for you that will be in the mail tomorrow so I don't feel bad :D I hope y'all have an amazing week! I love you all! Sister Cryer

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